LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 14 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Erykah Badu hairdo: AFRO

5 In pieces: APART

10 The Beatles' Pepper, e.g.: Abbr.: SGT

13 Attired: CLAD

14 Pennsylvania in Washington, for example: AVENUE

15 Couple's pronoun: OUR

16 Alliterative union litigator: LABORLAWYER

18 State sch. with campuses in Providence: URI

19 DoorDash rival: UBEREATS

20 It follows dawn: SUNUP

22 concern: DNA

23 Wicked one: FIEND

25 Alliterative craftsperson: WOODWORKER

30 Lawyers: Abbr.: ATTS

33 To no avail: INVAIN

34 On a cruise, say: ASEA

36 __ Tin Tin: RIN

37 Discover: LEARN

38 Word that fittingly fills the blanks in "_ _ propria _ e": APT

39 About to explode: IRATE

41 Rapper __ Kim: LIL

42 "__, Brute?": ETTU

44 Nativity display: CRECHE

45 Quite often: ALOT

47 Alliterative marriage specialist: MATCHMAKER

49 Malodorous: FETID

51 One-named "Cheap Thrills" singer: SIA

52 '90s trade acronym: NAFTA

54 Rain in light drops: SPRINKLE

59 NFL's Cardinals: ARI

60 Alliterative accompanist: PIANOPLAYER

63 Anatomical pouch: SAC

64 Being: ENTITY

65 Act the blowhard: BRAG

66 Civil War nickname: ABE

67 Indoor parking lot features: RAMPS

68 Nordstrom rival: SAKS


1 Censorship-fighting org.: ACLU

2 Love handles, essentially: FLAB

3 Broccoli __: RABE

4 Aroma: ODOR

5 Personal user pic: AVATAR

6 Seats with kneelers: PEWS

7 "__ questions?": ANY

8 Regret: RUE

9 Brusque: TERSE

10 Music for a movie: SOUNDTRACK

11 Trusted adviser: GURU

12 Excursion: TRIP

14 Group co-founded by Bill W.'s wife: ALANON

17 Merlot or Syrah: REDWINE

21 Acapulco article: UNA

23 Big celebration: FEST

24 Anger: IRE

25 Novelist Cather: WILLA

26 Negro Leagues legend Buck __: ONEIL

27 Presidential workplace: OVALOFFICE

28 Patriotic org. since 1890: DAR

29 Dead, as an engine: KAPUT

31 Church donation: TITHE

32 Contemptuous look: SNEER

35 "Par avion" letters: AIRMAIL

38 Just slightly: ATAD

40 "The Crying Game" actor Stephen: REA

43 "Enough!" in a text: TMI

44 Happy as a lark? CHIRPY

46 Hanoi holiday: TET

48 $100 bills, in slang: CSPOTS

50 Narrow to a point: TAPER

52 Astronaut's insignia: NASA

53 Speedy steed: ARAB

54 Barbershop sound: SNIP

55 Apprehends: NABS

56 Actress Sedgwick: KYRA

57 Plumbing problem: LEAK

58 Units of work: ERGS

61 "Be there __ sec!": INA

62 Bank convenience, for short: ATM

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