LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 14 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Yikes!": OMIGOSH

8 Whitewash: COVERUP

15 Ancient Roman coins: DENARII

16 "It's not an option for me": IHAVETO

17 Court exhibit, perhaps: DNATEST

18 Squared up: GOTEVEN

19 Customs: MORES

20 '70s org. for 21-Down: WHA

22 Viking family dog of comics: SNERT

23 Notable periods: ERAS

24 Side issue? THORN

26 Piano __: TRIO

27 Hound: NAG

28 Little ones: PEEWEES

30 "Microsoft sound" composer: ENO

31 Classic children's story about healing: THESECRETGARDEN

34 "What's Hecuba to him, __ to Hecuba": Hamlet: ORHE

35 St Ives gallery: TATE

36 '60s TV sidekick: AGENTNINETYNINE

43 Discount tag abbr.: IRR

44 One giving a thumbs-up? HITCHER

45 Put the kibosh on: NIX

46 Actors Glass and Silver: RONS

48 Total confusion: CHAOS

49 High seas adverb: THAR

50 Creamer of the LPGA: PAULA

52 Search result: URL

53 "Rocky IV" antagonist Ivan: DRAGO

54 Being tracked, in a way: ONRADAR

56 Think it likely: DARESAY

58 Reference: RESPECT

59 Hyundai 1990 launch: ELANTRA

60 Locks: TRESSES

61 Unfair treatment: RAWDEAL


1 Leftover: ODDMENT

2 Festival of Lights symbol: MENORAH

3 Really ticked: INARAGE

4 36-Down areas: GATES

5 They may be picked out: ORES

6 Family nickname: SIS

7 Find the weakness of: HITWHEREITHURTS


9 "Look what I found!": OHO

10 Brewery fixtures: VATS

11 What happened: EVENT

12 Venerated: REVERED

13 Womb-related: UTERINE

14 Floatplane feature: PONTOON

21 Six-time Hart Trophy winner: HOWE

24 Lego line that may include gears and motors: TECHNIC

25 Countermands: NEGATES

28 Capital of Western Australia: PERTH

29 Faun look-alike: SATYR

32 Male issue: SON

33 Cartoon canine: REN

36 Site with scanners: AIRPORT

37 It usually doesn't get a laugh: GROANER

38 Hospital triage pro: ERNURSE

39 Mayberry's home: Abbr.: NCAR

40 At the last minute, say: INHASTE

41 New York county north of Erie: NIAGARA

42 2016 World Series MVP Ben Zobrist, e.g.: EXROYAL

47 Sharp rebukes: SLAPS

49 General direction: TREND

51 Citrus coolers: ADES

53 Main attraction: DRAW

55 Dogfight participant: ACE

57 Like: ALA

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