LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Parks who wouldn't give up her bus seat: ROSA

5 Jewel box item: CDROM

10 Colored eye part: IRIS

14 Cartel acronym: OPEC

15 Prizefight venue: ARENA

16 Brit's "Later!": TATA

17 Version to debug: BETA

18 Recall ability: MEMORYSPAN

20 Blew like Etna: ERUPTED

22 Black as night, e.g.: SIMILE

23 Well-groomed guy: DAPPERDAN

26 __ XING: crosswalk sign: PED

27 Noteworthy period: ERA

28 Removes, as a cork: POPS

30 Nowhere close: FAR

33 Places to swim: POOLS

36 Geek's cousin: NERD

37 Fodder storage site: SILO

38 Hauls with effort: SCHLEPS

40 Japanese warrior: SAMURAI

42 "Right back __!": "Me, too!": ATYA

43 Flashy promotion: HYPE

45 Turn topsy-turvy: UPEND

46 Water-testing digit: TOE

47 "__ With the Wind": GONE

48 Map app path: Abbr.: RTE

49 Cantina condiment: SAL

51 One making a living in government, briefly: CAREERPOL

56 Small piano: SPINET

59 Motivate: INSPIRE

60 Knockout drink, in old gangster movies: MICKEYFINN

63 Puma rival: AVIA

64 Australian gem: OPAL

65 So last year: PASSE

66 Cafeteria staffer: COOK

67 Heredity carrier: GENE

68 "Some __ time": "Not now": OTHER

69 RR stops: Abbr.: STNS


1 Dressed like a judge: ROBED

2 Mozart work: OPERA

3 Arrange in advance: SETUP

4 Like singing sans instruments: ACAPPELLA

5 GoPro product: CAMERA

6 "Judge __": Stallone film: DREDD

7 Sleep acronym: REM

8 Lennon's love: ONO

9 Red planet: MARS

10 "Who's there?" reply: ITSME

11 In quick succession: RAPIDFIRE

12 Emphatic type: Abbr.: ITAL

13 Fit to be tried: SANE

19 Puppy's barks: YIPS

21 Succinct: TERSE

24 Orangutan, e.g.: APE

25 Swedes' neighbors: NORSE

29 Kissing at the mall, for short: PDA

31 Actor Cumming: ALAN

32 __ rage: bodybuilder's concern: ROID

33 H.S. junior's exam: PSAT

34 Numerical prefix with -pus: OCTO

35 Self-affirming retort: OHYESICAN

36 "Bye Bye Bye" band: NSYNC

37 Large political spending gps.: SUPERPACS

39 Rice noodle soup: PHO

41 Trumpet mufflers: MUTES

44 Veggie in a pod: PEA

47 Sheer joy: GLEE

48 Jeremy of "The Avengers": RENNER

50 Often-twisted joint: ANKLE

52 Washer cycle: RINSE

53 Whirl on one foot: PIVOT

54 Hunter constellation: ORION

55 Plumbers' problems: LEAKS

56 Air quality concern: SMOG

57 Frosty's corncob accessory: PIPE

58 Autocorrect target: TYPO

61 Budgetary excess: FAT

62 "Give or take" suffix ... that can be added to the end of 18-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across to form a sort of set: ISH

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