LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 14 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 14 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 14 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sudden sharp sensations: STABS

6 Place for a meal: CAFE

10 Eldest "Bonanza" brother: ADAM

14 Oahu veranda: LANAI

15 Mannheim mister: HERR

16 Still-life subject: VASE

17 *Sof’a Vergara's "Modern Family" role, to her nephews: AUNTGLORIA

19 Signs: INKS

20 Opening words: INTRO

21 Western movie staples: STAGES

23 Deliverers of 20-Acrosses, briefly: MCS

25 Small amount: DAB

26 Place for a meal: EATERY

27 Emmy winner Christine: LAHTI

29 Eye protector: LID

31 Maple Leafs, on scoreboards: TOR

32 "Paper Moon" co-stars: ONEALS

34 *Tree in a foyer: COATRACK

38 Muscle spasm: TIC

39 Lummox: OAF

41 Nothing: NIL

42 Longtime Eur. realm: HRE

43 *Deletes: TAKESOUT

46 Summer TV staple: REPEAT

48 Natural ending? IST

49 "The Matrix" hero: NEO

51 Liquid-Plumr shelfmate: DRANO

52 Bug-eyed prayer: MANTIS

55 Units of wt.: LBS

57 Shelley's "__ to the West Wind": ODE

58 Correct, perhaps, as a check: REDATE

59 Colorado's __ Park: ESTES

61 Champagne brand: MOET

62 Green course ... and what the start of each answer to the starred clues is? MIXEDSALAD

67 Start of Massachusetts' motto: ENSE

68 Fateful March date: IDES

69 Persistent attack: SIEGE

70 Sounds of disapproval: TSKS

71 Mouth off to: SASS

72 SpongeBob's home: OCEAN


1 P. Hearst's captors: SLA

2 Cross-shaped letter: TAU

3 __ Wilson, lead singer of Heart: ANN

4 Leader overthrown by Castro: BATISTA

5 Highway exit feature: SIGN

6 Like many holiday concerts: CHORAL

7 Type of exercise: AEROBIC

8 Part of TGIF: Abbr.: FRI

9 Rub off: ERASE

10 Howard Hughes, e.g.: AVIATOR

11 *Highway warning: DANGERAHEAD

12 One with questions: ASKER

13 Unkempt: MESSY

18 Ford classic: LTD

22 Told all: TATTLED

23 Craze: MANIA

24 *Conventioneer's stop on arrival: CHECKINDESK

27 Politician Trent: LOTT

28 Homework shirker's lame excuse: ILOSTIT

30 Spanish noble title: DON

33 First word of some Brazilian cities: SAO

35 __ conditioner: AIR

36 Construction site sight: CRANE

37 __ diet: high-fat, low-carb regimen: KETO

40 Enjoyment: FUN

44 Ritzy properties: ESTATES

45 Old-fashioned messages: TELEXES

47 Ordinary: PROSAIC

50 Persistently preoccupy: OBSESS

52 N.L. mascot with a baseball head: MRMET

53 Long times: AEONS

54 Round before finals: SEMIS

56 Part of CST: Abbr.: STD

60 Standard Oil brand: ESSO

63 Snake River st.: IDA

64 Jeans brand: LEE

65 Ottoman title: AGA

66 Pride's place: DEN

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