LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chem lab array: ACIDS

6 Grainy side: PILAF

11 Pixar SFX: CGI

14 Certain Sri Lankan: TAMIL

15 Defense concern: ALIBI

16 Orbital section: ARC

17 Best Custard Enhancement award? THEGOLDENBRULEE

20 Like moves in casual chess games: UNTIMED

21 Overly orotund orator: GASBAG

22 Sacred symbol: TOTEM

24 Pro __: TEM

25 Romeo's partner? ALFA

28 Eve's incentive not to eat the apple? ADAMSBRIBE

33 "Free to Be... You and Me" co-creator Thomas: MARLO

35 Information: DATA

36 See 13-Down: TEA

37 Sette minus sei: UNO

38 Also ... and, in three parts, a hint to the four longest Across answers: BESIDES

41 Minn. neighbor: ONT

42 Jose's opening? SAN

43 Je ne __ quoi: SAIS

44 Keyboard offering: ETUDE

46 Whom to interrupt to end a couple's tedious conversation? EITHERBORE

50 Part of NAACP: Abbr.: ASSN

51 Roadwork supply: TAR

52 Israeli desert: NEGEV

54 Big improvement over a mop, for short: WETVAC

57 Was horrified by: PALEDAT

61 Description of a consistent ogre? THESAMEOLDBRUTE

63 "Take a load off": SIT

64 Stealthy fighter: NINJA

65 Result of a leadoff single: ONEON

66 "Feh!": UGH

67 Wyoming county: TETON

68 Aggressive stingers: WASPS


1 Westernmost Aleutian island: ATTU

2 "All the Way" lyricist: CAHN

3 "__ a traveller from an antique land": "Ozymandias": IMET

4 Like most selfies: DIGITAL

5 Cinematographer's option: SLOMO

6 Fraudulently increased: PADDED

7 Martinique, par exemple: ILE

8 CNN host Lisa: LING

9 Their logo has a mirrored letter: ABBA

10 Diamond corner: FIRSTBASE

11 Disastrous: CALAMITOUS

12 Novelist Iles: GREG

13 With 36-Across, summer drink: ICE

18 "__ Smile Be Your Umbrella": LETA

19 Designated driver alternative: UBER

23 "The Federalist Papers" co-author: MADISON

25 What jesters do: AMUSE

26 Mostly private Hawaiian island: LANAI

27 Incisors: FRONTTEETH

29 Like Lear, ultimately: MAD

30 Notre-Dame honoree: Abbr.: STE

31 Switchback features: BENDS

32 Moth-__: EATEN

34 Paying attention: OBSERVANT

39 Stirrup location: EAR

40 Bro, say: SIB

45 Spot to sip ouzo: TAVERNA

47 Kentucky Derby showpieces: HATS

48 Change the itinerary: REPLAN

49 "Great Scott!": EGAD

53 Nudge: ELBOW

54 Fillmore was the last president who was one: WHIG

55 Lisette's BFF: AMIE

56 You can see Lincoln on one: CENT

58 Club payments: DUES

59 On: ATOP

60 Second-ranked pinochle cards: TENS

61 Nashville sch.: TSU

62 Eye in most of Iberia: OJO

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