LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Grammy category word: ALBUM

6 "And here it is!": VOILA

11 Pickup spot, perhaps: BAR

14 Take a break: PAUSE

15 "Return of the Jedi" forest moon: ENDOR

16 Fashion or sense preceder: INA

17 *Like power lines: HIGHTENSION

19 Band booking: GIG

20 Conspiring (with): INLEAGUE

21 Cake invitation Alice accepted: EATME

23 Does, say: DEER

24 *End an engagement? GETHITCHED

27 Alternative rock genre: EMO

29 "Come on in!": ENTER

30 Any member of ABBA: SWEDE

33 What a birdie beats: PAR

34 Aromatic herb: DILL

37 '90s game disc: POG

38 *Teddy kin: NIGHTIE

42 One of the fire signs: LEO

43 Pull a fast one on: FOOL

45 Served, as time: DID

46 Brilliance: ECLAT

48 One-footer, e.g.: TAPIN

50 Gray shade: ASH

51 *Feature items in some annual sales: WHITEGOODS

55 World-weary words: AHME

59 Up: RISEN

60 Babe __, only woman in ESPN's Top 10 North American Athletes of the 20th Century: ZAHARIAS

62 Life-saving pro: EMT

63 Simple card game, and what's hidden in the answers to starred clues: CRAZYEIGHTS

66 __-disant: self-styled: SOI

67 Ancient Aegean region: IONIA

68 "The Wreck of the Mary __": DEARE

69 Channel that airs many RKO films: TMC

70 __ closet: LINEN

71 John of "The Addams Family": ASTIN


1 Agricultural pest: APHID

2 "Rawhide" singer: LAINE

3 Taps player: BUGLE

4 Brought (in): USHERED

5 Like a footnote that explains footnotes: META

6 Locale: VENUE

7 Early stage: ONSET

8 Dictator played by Forest: IDI

9 Leicester toilet: LOO

10 Journalist Peter: ARNETT

11 Time of one's life: BIGTHRILL

12 Cartoon genre: ANIME

13 Continued unabated: RAGED

18 "The one who makes it, takes it" breakfast brand: EGGO

22 Breezed through: ACED

25 Recipe verb: HEAT

26 Crucifix letters: INRI

28 Fellows: MEN

30 Beach letters: SPF

31 Try to attract: WOO

32 Lacking humility: EGOTISTIC

33 Third deg.? PHD

35 Verdant patch: LEA

36 Auction unit: LOT

39 "Gotcha!": IDIG

40 Singer Vannelli: GINO

41 Some RIT grads: EES

44 After-hours: LATE

47 Supplies power to: CHARGES

49 #2, for one: PENCIL

50 '60s-'70s tennis great Arthur: ASHE

51 Extract forcibly: WREST

52 Bleachers sign: HIMOM

53 David and Ricky's dad: OZZIE

54 Israeli hero Moshe: DAYAN

56 Drum kit part: HIHAT

57 Motherly introduction? MATRI

58 German steel center: ESSEN

61 Operatic princess: AIDA

64 Versailles monarch: ROI

65 Taylor of fashion: ANN

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