LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 14 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hardly a routine favor: BIGASK

7 Rubs out: BUMPSOFF

15 Project that led to the first moonwalk: APOLLO

16 "And how!": ISITEVER

17 Rounds of shots: SALVOS

18 Meditation goal: ZENSTATE

19 Money in music: EDDIE

20 "__: a Dog": 1962 film based on a 1919 novel: LAD

21 Fruit with a Medjool variety: DATES

22 Fathers and sons: MEN

23 Portable Asian dwellings: YURTS

25 "Live at Red Rocks" musician John: TESH

26 Fathers and sons, say: KIN

27 Tiny resistance unit: MICROHM

29 Petrol measure: ONELITRE

31 Start of a Seuss classic: IAMSAM

36 Galleria degli Uffizi city: FIRENZE

37 Range in which 7 is neutral: PHSCALE

38 "Swords into plowshares" prophet: ISAIAH

39 Had difficulty: HITASNAG

40 Maker of many jets: JACUZZI

42 Fields of cookies: MRS

43 __ entry: DATA

47 Plant that has become invasive in much of the Eastern U.S.: KUDZU

48 One acting badly: HAM

49 "Swan Lake" maiden: ODILE

51 Vitamin bottle abbr.: RDA

52 Marathoners' sources of energy: CARBS

54 Telemarketing tactic: ROBOCALL

56 "Scream" scream: SHRIEK

57 Rule that keeps you from spelling weirdly? IBEFOREE

58 With great intensity: KEENLY

59 Colonists: SETTLERS

60 Dr. Scholl's product: INSOLE


1 Stalwart political group: BASE

2 Apples since 2012: IPADMINIS

3 The best of times: GOLDENERA

4 Harmonica-playing chipmunk: ALVIN

5 Gin flavoring: SLOE

6 Ring decisions: KOS

7 Off-the-wall: BIZARRE

8 No longer fazed by: USEDTO

9 Time meas.: MIN

10 VA concern: PTSD

11 Mount an attack on: SETAT

12 Kiwi-shaped: OVATE

13 Bashes: FETES

14 Just baked, say: FRESH

20 Riches: LUCRE

23 1994 co-Nobelist with Yasser and Shimon: YITZHAK

24 Fluffy toy: SHIHTZU

26 Ex-U.N. chief Annan: KOFI

27 "Anaconda" rapper Nicki: MINAJ

28 Kenyan tribe: MASAI

30 Worn welcome symbol: LEI

32 Game show VIPs: MCS

33 Enclave in Italy: SANMARINO

34 Warning signal: ALARMBELL

35 High-tech capacity units: MEGS

37 Pie sometimes topped with pineapple: PIZZA

39 Gatherings before snaps: HUDDLES

41 Salon device: CURLER

43 Day of films: DORIS

44 Brick of the Southwest: ADOBE

45 High land: TIBET

46 Up in the air: ALOFT

48 Long-eared critters: HARES

50 Biol. branch: ECOL

52 "Big Brother" host Julie __ Moonves: CHEN

53 Terrier breed from Scotland: SKYE

55 "What __ the odds?!": ARE

56 Go downhill fast: SKI

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