LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 14 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 South America's westernmost mainland point is in it: PERU

5 Not that: THIS

9 James of "The Blacklist": SPADER

15 "Sign me up!": IMIN

16 Call at third base: SAFE

17 Printing mistakes: ERRATA

18 Remark that may elicit "None taken": NOOFFENSE

20 Line dance step: TOETAP

21 Coffee dispensers: URNS

22 Garnish for a margarita: RIMSALT

23 Ride with wooden horses: MERRYGOROUND

28 Singer with numbered albums: ADELE

29 Advance to repay: LOAN

30 Check no.: ACCT

34 Drips started by RNs: IVS

35 "Let's change the subject": DONTGOTHERE

38 Network with science shows, familiarly: NATGEO

41 Listened to, as advice: HEEDED

42 St. Patrick's day shout: ERINGOBRAGH

47 Clean-up hitter's stat: RBI

48 Walgreens product: DRUG

49 Gaseous: Pref.: AERI

50 Short: BRIEF

52 Without a care in the world: HAPPYGOLUCKY

55 President Hoover: HERBERT

59 Company that's "calling": AVON

60 Picture next to a username: AVATAR

61 Intermediary ... or a hint to 23-, 35-, 42- and 52-Across: GOBETWEEN

66 Poet Pablo with a Nobel Prize: NERUDA

67 Real hassle: PAIN

68 Wheel shaft: AXLE

69 Formal, as an affair: DRESSY

70 Crafts partner: ARTS

71 Oxen connector: YOKE


1 Wrestling win: PIN

2 Moody genre: EMO

3 Carnival city: RIO

4 Roll out, as a flag: UNFURL

5 Former LPGA #1 golfer Yani __: TSENG

6 Jabba the Hutt foe: HANSOLO

7 Conditions: IFS

8 "Understand?": SEE

9 Take effect: SETIN

10 High school corsage wearer: PROMDATE

11 Greek war god: ARES

12 Facts and figures: DATA

13 List-ending abbr.: ETAL

14 Unable to look away: RAPT

19 Boots brand: FRYE

22 Ladder step: RUNG

23 Stephen King's home state: MAINE

24 "The Scream" artist Munch: EDVARD

25 Mix again: RESTIR

26 Harry's pal Weasley: RON

27 Cheerios bit: OAT

31 Michael of "SNL": CHE

32 __ the Entertainer: CEDRIC

33 Beloved "Jeopardy!" host: TREBEK

35 __-wop music: DOO

36 "I get it now": OHH

37 Enlighten: EDIFY

39 Wildebeest: GNU

40 Brainiacs: EGGHEADS

43 Protestant denom.: BAPT

44 Dem.'s foe: REP

45 Suffix with custom: ARY

46 Data transfer measure: GIGABIT

50 Inky stain: BLOT

51 Model's sashaying path: RUNWAY

53 Wide assortment: ARRAY

54 Appliances that may be Dutch: OVENS

55 "Give me a __": "Help!": HAND

56 At any time: EVER

57 Like many collectibles: RARE

58 A/C units: BTUS

61 3.0, e.g.: Abbr.: GPA

62 Rowing tool: OAR

63 Prefix with skeleton: EXO

64 Deer in a lodge logo: ELK

65 Hillary Clinton, __ Rodham: NEE

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