LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 14 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 14 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Car cam spot: DASH

5 Sacred Judaic scroll: TORAH

10 Wild guess: STAB

14 Reverberate: ECHO

15 Of __: helpful for: USETO

16 Pop in a bottle: COLA

17 *Ingratiate oneself (with): CURRYFAVOR

19 Similar: AKIN

20 Childish comeback: ARENOT

21 Needing cleaning, as tabletops: DUSTY

23 Doctored in a bad way: FAKED

24 *Hardly cutting-edge: OLDSCHOOL

28 Latin American dances: TANGOS

30 Spooky: EERIE

31 Surprised sounds: OHS

33 Ò__ light is not daylightÓ: Juliet: YON

34 Shoe pad: INSOLE

35 Good name for a cook: STU

36 *Last stage of a chess match: ENDGAME

38 Sun. speech: SER

39 That is: NAMELY

41 Early TV maker: RCA

42 Pricing word: PER

43 ArmenianÕs neighbor: IRANI

44 Coo: MURMUR

46 *Joke payoff: PUNCHLINE

48 Type of pie popular in Southern cuisine: PECAN

52 Lecherous sorts: ROUES

53 Concerns of teachers and ophthalmologists: PUPILS

54 Drop of sweat: BEAD

56 Oscar night celebration ... and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues: AFTERPARTY

59 Turn toward: FACE

60 Brahms played it: PIANO

61 Element with the symbol ÒFeÓ: IRON

62 Mister Rogers: FRED

63 Deign (to): STOOP

64 Part of DVD: DISC


1 Brew for an early night: DECAF

2 High-end Honda: ACURA

3 Princess FionaÕs love: SHREK

4 Charlotte NBA team: HORNETS

5 Hair clump: TUFT

6 Mama bear, in Madrid: OSA

7 Gun, as an engine: REV

8 In conflict: ATODDS

9 Falcon-headed son of Osiris: HORUS

10 Verbally tears apart: SCATHES

11 Name in Japanese WWII propaganda: TOKYOROSE

12 Boxer Laila: ALI

13 Outlaw: BAN

18 ÒSize matters notÓ Jedi master: YODA

22 Play part: SCENE

24 Prayer opener: OGOD

25 Extended period of time: LONGRUN

26 Refueling ship: OILER

27 Rude look: LEER

29 Part of a Park Ave. address: NYNY

31 Japanese seaport: OTARU

32 Group often threatened in dystopian fiction: HUMANRACE

34 Quran reader: IMAM

35 Salon sound: SNIP

36 Peace Nobelist Root: ELIHU

37 43,560 square feet: ACRE

40 Made cryptic: ENCODED

42 Like most phone cards: PREPAID

44 Fish out of water: MISFIT

45 Ò__ and away!Ó: UPUP

47 Springs: LEAPS

49 Wispy clouds: CIRRI

50 Choir section: ALTOS

51 ÒThis I Promise YouÓ band: NSYNC

53 Shore (up): PROP


55 Musical talent: EAR

57 Lao TzuÕs ÒwayÓ: TAO

58 Brian of ambient music: ENO

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