LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 14 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Improve one's class? SKIPAGRADE

11 Quick: RAPID

16 Alcopop kin: WINECOOLER

17 Bring out: EDUCE

18 Single, but way too flawed: UNDATEABLE

19 Giant: TITAN

20 Polish site: NAIL

21 "Git!": SCAT

22 Nucleotide triplet: CODON

23 Test for some srs.: GRE

24 Cena of "Peacemaker": JOHN

25 Mariah Carey holiday hit: OHSANTA

27 Resort town named for a native tree: ASPEN

29 Mixed __: BLESSING

30 Full of nervous energy: RESTLESS

33 "The Rotters' Club" novelist Jonathan: COE

34 Current events TikTok segment that V Spehar broadcasts from their office floor: UNDERTHEDESKNEWS

39 Milne hopper: ROO

40 Famished: RAVENOUS

41 Holiness: SANCTITY

44 Étouffée option: PRAWN

47 Arctic wear: ANORAKS

48 1856 Stowe novel: DRED

50 Umbrella spoke: RIB

52 Word in British placenames: SHIRE

53 Natural satellite: MOON

54 "Have it your way": FINE

55 Dong-hyuk who created "Squid Game": HWANG

56 "Can I have a bit more time?": TENMINUTES

58 Make one: MERGE

59 Wheelie bike feature: BANANASEAT

60 Mascot whose weight is listed as "Top Heavy": MRMET

61 Challenges for a translator, perhaps: SLANGTERMS


1 Chased a pitch: SWUNG

2 Kwanzaa candelabra: KINARA

3 West __: INDIES

4 Toll: PEAL

5 Do one's part? ACT

6 Walks out, say: GOESONSTRIKE

7 Laurel and Hardy producer: ROACH

8 First British martyr: ALBAN

9 Scapula neighbor, for short: DELT

10 Long start, once: ERE

11 Throw again: RETOSS

12 Brand whose website has a "3 Stripe Life" section: ADIDAS

13 Table: PUTONICE

14 "Maybe later": ICANTNOW

15 Cozy spot: DEN

22 Queen's gambit, for one: CHESSOPENING

24 Raspberry: JEER

25 Elizabeth who plays Scarlet Witch in the MCU: OLSEN

26 Improves, maybe: AGES

28 Tense beginning? PRE

29 Eliot title hero: BEDE

31 "__ how I roll": THATS

32 Tax: LEVY

34 Bear up? URSA

35 "It went straight to voice mail": NOANSWER

36 2014 memoir subtitled "Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery": DONOHARM

37 Western Asia native: KURD

38 Govt. cybersecurity monitor: NSA

42 [I'm so uncomfortable right now]: CRINGE

43 Retailer with a RedCard credit card: TARGET

45 Bell hooks, for one: WRITER

46 Time slot with talk shows: NINEAM

48 Part of DKNY: DONNA

49 "Succession" sibling: ROMAN

51 Tops: BESTS

53 Happy __: MEAL

54 Make one: FUSE

55 "Let me think ... ": HMM

56 "Full Frontal" network: TBS

57 D.C. player: NAT

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