LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 14 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Joined, as a team of oxen: YOKED

6 Per person: APOP

10 Pockmark, e.g.: SCAR

14 Bacteria in rare meat, maybe: ECOLI

15 Hockey score: GOAL

16 Get through tough times: COPE

17 Celebration with personnel: STAFFPARTY

19 Like certain inappropriate remarks: UNPC

20 __ Destiny: 19th-century U.S. doctrine: MANIFEST

21 Television host: EMCEE

22 Cloister members: NUNS

23 Title for Elton John: SIR

25 Young fellow: LAD

26 Sound from a flock: BAA

29 Hangman man, e.g.: STICKFIGURE

32 More than enough: AMPLE

34 Alludes (to): REFERS

35 Exaggerated publicity: HYPE

36 Garish: SHOWY

38 Hospital helper: AIDE

41 Enter sneakily: EDGEIN

43 Not exactly: ABOUT

44 React in the slightest way: BATANEYELID

48 Born, on society pages: NEE

49 Israeli weapon: UZI

50 Thurman of "Gattaca": UMA

51 Bygone automaker: OLDS

53 Knocks down completely: RAZES

55 Says over: ITERATES

59 Ticks off: IRES

60 Hoarse-voiced "Maggie May" singer: RODSTEWART

62 Puts on TV: AIRS

63 Norway's capital: OSLO

64 Sudden power increase: SURGE

65 Cut with a beam: LASE

66 Complaint: BEEF

67 Soup-eating utensil: SPOON


1 Polite rural reply: YESM

2 Hexa- plus two: OCTA

3 Zen paradox: KOAN

4 Spritelike: ELFIN

5 Scatter widely: DIFFUSE

6 Court great Andre: AGASSI

7 Word with "of entry" or "of call": PORT

8 Muesli morsel: OAT

9 Two-__ tissue: PLY

10 Problem in a neglected pool: SCUM


12 Perform (in): APPEAR

13 Draw back, as one's hairline: RECEDE

18 Repressed, with "up": PENT

21 Buffalo's lake: ERIE

23 Distort, as data: SKEW

24 Questionable: IFFY

26 "Phooey!": BAH

27 Comic/writer Schumer: AMY

28 Starters on a menu: APPETIZERS

30 Witch: CRONE

31 Snatch: GRAB

33 Woman seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan: LEDA

36 Look to be: SEEM

37 Casual greeting: HIYA

39 Expected at the station: DUE

40 Nice summer? ETE

42 Bearded beasts: GNUS

43 221B Baker Street, e.g.: ADDRESS

44 Part of a time capsule ceremony: BURIAL

45 Hank who voices some "Simpsons" characters: AZARIA

46 More than enough: LOTSOF

47 "__ it get to me": ILET

52 Escorted to the penthouse, say: SAWUP

54 Latin being: ESSE

55 Eric of "Monty Python": IDLE

56 Hawaiian root: TARO

57 "And thus ... ": ERGO

58 WWII weapon: STEN

60 Steal from: ROB

61 Suffix with rib- or lact-: OSE

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