LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Co. with brown trucks: UPS

4 Fearsome Tolkien beasts: ORCS

8 Run off at the mouth: BABBLE

14 New Deal prog.: NRA

15 Guthrie genre: FOLK

16 Unprincipled: AMORAL

17 Rapper __-Z: JAY

18 Fireplace outlet: FLUE

19 Accompany: GOWITH

20 Yellowfin tuna: AHI

21 Great quantity: SLEW

22 Highest-ranking elected woman in U.S. history: PELOSI

23 McConaughey of "True Detective": MATTHEW

25 Nickname for Israel's Netanyahu: BIBI

26 Sported: WORE

27 Beach in a 1964 hit song: IPANEMA

31 Start of a Poitier film title: TOSIR

34 Author/aviator __ Morrow Lindbergh: ANNE

36 Film crew member: GRIP

37 V-formation flier: GOOSE

38 '90s game disc: POG

39 Pipe up: OPINE

40 __ the finish: INAT

41 Snapchat's ghost, e.g.: LOGO

42 Shoes with swooshes: NIKES

43 Color from a bottle: FAKETAN

45 British WWII gun: STEN

47 Magician Weasley and anchorman Burgundy: RONS

48 Have: POSSESS

52 Like some wedding photos: CANDID

55 Hook or Cook: Abbr.: CAPT

56 Quid pro __: QUO

57 Maryland state bird, e.g.: ORIOLE

58 Dos cubed: OCHO

59 Lines at a checkout counter? UPC

60 Money maker: MINTER

61 Not nice at all: MEAN

62 Bother a great deal: IRK

63 Great times: BLASTS

64 Uruguay's Punta del __: ESTE

65 __ de deux: PAS


1 Clear, as a printer: UNJAM

2 Czech Republic capital, to Czechs: PRAHA

3 "Don't beat around the bush!": SAYIT

4 A bit out in the ocean: OFFSHORE

5 Painter's tool: ROLLER

6 ... in a board game: CLUEWEAPONS

7 Present in a biased way: SKEW

8 Reed instrument: BAGPIPE

9 Pond protozoan: AMOEBA

10 ... in a ball game: BOWLINGPINS

11 Gusto: BRIO

12 Back muscles, briefly: LATS

13 K-12 appropriate: ELHI

24 ... on a game mat: TWISTERDOTS

25 ... on a game card: BINGOSPACES

28 Actor Estrada: ERIK

29 "Dibs!": MINE

30 Long-limbed beasts: APES

31 "So ready for the weekend!": TGIF

32 Chaplin named for her grandmother: OONA

33 Relax in the hot tub: SOAK

35 Yuletide libation: NOG

39 14 British pounds: ONESTONE

41 Big name in advice: LANDERS

44 __ training: TOILET

46 Tails partner: TOPHAT

49 Furnish with gear: EQUIP

50 Sporty Toyota until 2002: SUPRA

51 Laundry day casualties: SOCKS

52 Rooster topper: COMB

53 Seed covering: ARIL

54 Jazz singer Simone: NINA

55 Show up: COME

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