LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 14 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Passage for change: SLOT

5 Steadfast refusal: NOMEANSNO

14 Lakeside rental: CANOE

16 Morning person's mantra: UPANDATEM

17 Bone near a temple: ANVIL

18 Sports-based nickname for Green Bay: TITLETOWN

19 Like some online antivirus protection: REALTIME

21 Brad's Drink, nowadays: PEPSI

22 PC panic key: ESC

23 Galena, e.g.: ORE

24 CPA's column entries: AMTS

26 Nullify: ABROGATE

29 Michigan's state wildflower is one: IRIS

33 Influential supporter: PATRON

35 Word with tie or fly: ROD

36 Spiritual teacher: LAMA

37 School in Athens: OHIO

38 Maguire's "Spider-Man" director: RAIMI

40 Fights (for): VIES

41 Fish-eating bird: LOON

42 Sch. in Athens: UGA

43 What might be made after an argument: AMENDS

45 Minnesota WNBA team: LYNX

46 NBA team originally from Minnesota: LALAKERS

48 Handle user: CBER

50 Jazz trumpeter's nickname: DIZ

51 Snicker part: HEE

54 Japanese soup stock: DASHI

57 Outdoor cookers: HOTCOALS

59 Words after yawning: INEEDANAP

62 Long range: ANDES

63 Banksy genre: STREETART

64 Lewis with the 2015 album "I Am": LEONA

65 Emoji related to Blowing Kiss: HEARTEYES

66 Influence: SWAY


1 Cause to jump, maybe: SCARE

2 Paths between gutters: LANES

3 Away, maybe: ONVACATION

4 Plug away: TOIL

5 Pumpkin pie spice: NUTMEG

6 TV kid in Miss Crump's class: OPIE

7 Yoga studio item: MAT

8 Phot. lab request: ENL

9 Expert: ADEPT

10 FiveThirtyEight guru: NATESILVER

11 Organ part: STOP

12 Breaking __: NEWS

13 Four Seasons rival: OMNI

15 Corrida foe: ELTORO

20 Despotic regime: IRONRULE

24 Science word from the Greek for "indivisible": ATOM

25 Pre-packaged promotional materials: MEDIAKIT

27 Raspberry since the 1920s: BRONXCHEER

28 Easy-to-read font: ARIAL

30 Leeward mountain dry area: RAINSHADOW

31 Chatted with, briefly: IMED

32 Time-out cause: SASS

33 Election year staple: POLL

34 Stern call? AHOY

39 Food thickener: AGAR

44 Tequila relative: MEZCAL

47 Embraces: ADOPTS

49 Common overseas hotel amenity: BIDET

52 Colleague of Neil and Sonia: ELENA

53 Didion work: ESSAY

54 Gossip: DISH

55 Pot builder: ANTE

56 "Buona __": Italian greeting: SERA

57 Fabulous racer: HARE

58 Singles: ONES

60 Absorbed, as extra expenses: ATE

61 Anti-passing cry: NAY

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