LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 14 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 14 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 14 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Folksy greeting: HOWDO

6 "Skip to __": 1840s partner-stealing dance: MYLOU

11 Tree on the Lebanese flag: CEDAR

16 At all: ANY

19 Square: UNHIP

20 Long periods: AEONS

21 One of the ABC islands: ARUBA

22 Bambi's cousin Faline, for one: DOE

23 Playlist for Bullwinkle? MOOSETRACKS

25 Pot for Sebastian of "The Little Mermaid"? CRABGRASS

27 Prevents from draining: CLOGSUP

28 Really good thing to live: THEDREAM

29 Little bit: DAB

32 Have-__: disadvantaged ones: NOTS

33 Made haste, old-style: HIED

34 Vaccine pioneer: SALK

37 Restless: UNEASY

40 "Everything's fine": ITSOK

42 "I need this ASAP!": DOITNOW

45 Abnormally tense: INASTATE

47 Soul mate for Jiminy? CRICKETMATCH

50 Somewhat, informally: SORTA

51 Gray ones are hard to resolve: AREAS

53 Defunct Houston hockey team: AEROS

54 Online message board: FORUM

56 Shin armor that's a homophone for a synonym of "mourn": GREAVE

58 Obstacle: HURDLE

63 Preserve, in a way, as beef: CORN

65 Soybean paste: MISO

67 Goatee site: CHIN

68 Johnny's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" role: RAOUL

69 Name on a "Little Women" book jacket: LOUISA

71 "The Elements of Style" co-author: EBWHITE

73 The Indian Ocean's Bay of __: BENGAL

74 Sambuca flavoring: ANISE

75 Model position: POSE

76 Wild about: INTO

78 PC "brains": CPUS

79 Hot dog entrepreneur Handwerker: NATHAN

81 Muss: TOUSLE

83 Obama daughter: SASHA

85 Puts out there: BARES

87 Edison rival: TESLA

89 Deceived: LEDON

92 Emotional triggers for Mickey? MOUSEBUTTONS

97 Annual 103-Across-planting event: ARBORDAY

99 Least considered: RASHEST

100 __ space: OUTER

102 Horseshoe-shaped fasteners: UBOLTS

103 Peach or beech: TREE

104 Absorbed: RAPT

106 Gritty film genre: NOIR

108 Private __: EYE

109 Technical drawings: DIAGRAMS

113 Didn't do well at all: STUNKAT

116 Topping Daffy created? DUCKSAUCE

118 Online news source for Henny Penny? CHICKENFEED

122 Tony winner Hagen: UTA

123 Foreign: ALIEN

124 Valium maker: ROCHE

125 Score: TALLY

126 Possessive pronoun: HER

127 Remains unsettled: PENDS

128 Like some jackets: TWEED

129 Snail trail: SLIME


1 Run smoothly: HUM

2 Plastic __ Band: ONO

3 "Horton Hears a __!": WHO

4 Computer insert: DISC

5 Hesse-based automaker: OPEL

6 Harshman of "Even Stevens": MARGO

7 More frothy: YEASTIER

8 Plague bug: LOCUST

9 Doing mess work: ONKP

10 Seagoing letters: USS

11 Store: CACHE

12 Transposed letters, say: ERRED

13 Pair: DUAD

14 Briefly, briefly: ABBR

15 Steamed state: RAGE

16 Unyielding: ADAMANT

17 Refusals: NOS

18 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" band: YES

24 Skater Harding: TONYA

26 Many a Marley fan: RASTA

28 __ torch: party light: TIKI

29 MADD concerns: DUIS

30 Year in Tuscany: ANNO

31 Healthy snack for Yogi? BEARFRUIT

33 Old joke told by Quick Draw McGraw? HORSECHESTNUT

35 Rapper Tone-__: LOC

36 Elec. bill unit: KWH

38 Floor: ASTONISH

39 Target of a wish? STAR

41 Emotional injury: SCAR

42 German article: DER

43 However, in texts: OTOH

44 "Yeah, right": IMSURE

46 "Ashes to Ashes" author Hoag: TAMI

48 Hollows: CAVITIES

49 A Wayans brother: KEENEN

52 Bit of encouragement: EGOBOOST

55 Actress Thurman: UMA

57 Sushi serving: AHI

59 Southwestern farm owner: RANCHERO

60 Ping-Pong gear for Goofy? DOGPADDLE

61 Hilo feast: LUAU

62 Some additions: ELLS

63 Close-knit group: CLAN

64 O'Neill's daughter: OONA

66 Deadly sins, e.g.: SEPTET

70 Naval builder: SEABEE

72 Cougars of the Pac-12: WSU

73 Feathery wrap: BOA

77 Old Russian ruler: TSAR

80 Snatches: NABS

82 "__ we forget": LEST

84 Untidy sort: SLOB

86 Boring routine: RUT

88 '70s-'80s NHLer Pierre: LAROUCHE

90 Like Cheerios: OATY

91 Nasdaq rival: NYSE

92 "The A-Team" actor: MRT

93 Dinghy mover: OAR

94 It may be a lemon: USEDCAR

95 Mideast chief: SHEIK

96 Klutz's cry: OOPS

98 Delta of "Designing Women": BURKE

101 Inveigle: ENTICE

104 Vied for the America's Cup: RACED

105 Cries from flocks: AMENS

107 Signed: INKED

110 Rush job letters: ASAP

111 Serious blow: GALE

112 Wreckage: RUIN

113 Vegas draw: SHOW

114 Sugar bowl marchers? ANTS

115 Nonstick cookware brand: TFAL

116 "Obviously!": DUH

117 Beehive State native: UTE

118 Old PC component: CRT

119 Peyton's brother: ELI

120 Shade tree: ELM

121 Coloring medium: DYE

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