LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 14 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Talked into, with "on": SOLD

5 Calyx part: SEPAL

10 Typical artist's apartment: LOFT

14 Samoan capital: APIA

15 Amtrak option: ACELA

16 Cabinet dept. formed under Carter: ENER

17 Doughnut order from a king? LIONSDOZEN

19 Fifty percent up front? DEMI

20 Recorded: ONTAPE

21 GPS info: RTE

23 Pisa possessive: MIO

24 Recording device: METER

25 Musicians given to tippling? BOOZYBAND

28 Writer LeShan: EDA

29 Is next to: ABUTS

31 Sergeant Bilko, to friends: ERNIE

32 Tapestry thread: WEFT

33 Saturn models: IONS

34 Set of data within an atmospheric analysis? TABLEFOROZONE

40 Quarterback Tony: ROMO

41 Swamplike: MIRY

42 Protection against Mr. Decay Germ, in old ads: IPANA

44 Continued violently: RAGED

45 MDX รท X: CLI

48 Occupants of a well-insulated nest? COZYYOUNG

50 One of the Coen brothers: ETHAN

52 "10538 Overture" gp.: ELO

53 Ocean bird: ERN

54 Gets rid of: SCRAPS

55 M's favorite agent: BOND

57 How perfume is sold ... and this puzzle's title: BYTHEOUNCE

60 Commercial exchange fee: AGIO

61 Ames native: IOWAN

62 Future ENT's exam: MCAT

63 "You've Got Mail" co-star: RYAN

64 Grabs: SNAGS

65 Turtles, sometimes: PETS


1 Biblical seductress: SALOME

2 Offered a view: OPINED

3 Shoeless Joe Jackson portrayer in "Field of Dreams": LIOTTA

4 Mother of Perseus: DANAE

5 Marquis de __: SADE

6 Prefix with friendly: ECO

7 Product with a Simpsons set: PEZ

8 Last Olds models: ALEROS

9 Andy Panda creator: LANTZ

10 Took charge: LED

11 Two-run homer situation: ONEMANON

12 Like "executrix," e.g.: FEMININE

13 Old TV parts: TRIODES

18 Urban __: SPRAWL

22 "Beauty is bought by judgement of the __": Shakespeare: EYE

25 Fit and muscular: BUFF

26 Certain footrest: OTTOMAN

27 Verve: BRIO

30 Quilting party: BEE

34 Math branch concerned with surfaces: TOPOLOGY

35 Rain forest region: AMAZONIA

36 Beyond slender: BONY

37 Former PBS "Mystery!" host: RIGG

38 Extractable natural resource: ORE

39 Louisiana genre featuring the accordion: ZYDECO

40 Grain-based treat: RICEBAR

43 "Understood, Cap'n": AYE

44 His stories inspired "Guys and Dolls": RUNYON

45 Luck: CHANCE

46 Pet that needs a sitter? LAPCAT

47 Many Alaska maps: INSETS

49 "__ non sufficit": the world is not enough: ORBIS

51 Outdo: TRUMP

54 Beltway VIPs: SENS

56 Put on: DON

58 BOAC competitor: TWA

59 Storied cauldron stirrer: HAG

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