LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 14 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Livens (up): PEPS

5 River through the Lake of the Ozarks: OSAGE

10 GPS diagrams: MAPS

14 Teen heartthrob: IDOL

15 Rocker Eddie Van __: HALEN

16 Tennis great Arthur who wrote "A Hard Road to Glory": ASHE

17 Toy component of a miniature cabin ($5): LINCOLNLOG

19 Actor Gosling: RYAN

20 "__ suggestions?": ANY

21 Mindless repetition: ROTE

22 "You __ grounded!": ARESO

23 Jack Sprat no-no: FAT

24 One applying for a financial gift ($50): GRANTWRITER

27 "What __ state of affairs!": ASAD

29 Frosty coating: RIME

30 Par __: via airmail, in Arles: AVION

32 Intend to say: MEAN

34 WWII turning point: DDAY

38 Doozy: LULU

39 High-tech eye surgery: LASIK

40 Self-defense spray: MACE

41 Roach or termite: PEST

42 Stuntman Knievel: EVEL

43 Like Cheerios, grain-wise: OATEN

44 Fine-tune, as skills: HONE

46 Author Rice: ANNE

47 Popular Wyoming mountain resort ($20): JACKSONHOLE

52 Myrna of "The Thin Man": LOY

55 High hairdos: AFROS

56 Greek "i": IOTA

57 Simpson trial judge: ITO

58 Unfocused image: BLUR

59 Exactly right ... and where parts of 17-, 24- and 47-Across appear: ONTHEMONEY

62 First, in "Who's on First?": BASE

63 Worse, as excuses go: LAMER

64 "I, Claudius" role: NERO

65 "__ girl!": ATTA

66 Accomplishments: DEEDS

67 "No warranties": ASIS


1 Seasoned rice dish: PILAF

2 Patsy's "Ab Fab" pal: EDINA

3 Hairstyles named for an equine feature: PONYTAILS

4 Utah luggage tag initials: SLC

5 "Dear God!": OHLORD

6 Reindeer reins holder: SANTA

7 Filmmaker Woody: ALLEN

8 Former Prizm maker: GEO

9 London lang.: ENG

10 Guy wearing a ring, perhaps: MARRIEDMAN

11 Until now: ASYET

12 New moon, e.g.: PHASE

13 Mexican title: SENOR

18 Church keyboard: ORGAN

22 Escort's offer: ARM

25 Oregon or Chisholm: TRAIL

26 Bat one eye: WINK

28 Place to eat Seoul food: SOUTHKOREA

30 Mont Blanc, e.g.: ALP

31 Saturn SUV: VUE

32 Expert: MAVEN

33 Language suffix: ESE

35 Starts of many news stories: DATELINES

36 Expert: ACE

37 Strong desire: YEN

39 Jay of late-night TV: LENO

43 Late hr. to turn in: ONEAM

45 CIA forerunner: OSS

46 Changes: ALTERS

47 __ the Hutt of "Star Wars": JABBA

48 Note after G: AFLAT

49 Pizza feature: CRUST

50 Blackjack request: HITME

51 __ and aahed: OOHED

53 Comical Cheri: OTERI

54 Up-and-down toys: YOYOS

59 Ancient: OLD

60 Dumfries denial: NAE

61 Words before roll or streak: ONA

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