LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 September 2018

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Los Angeles Times 14 September 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 September 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mortify: ABASH

6 Late bloomer: ASTER

11 Education basic: MATH

15 Starbucks order: MOCHA

16 Laughing, say: MERRY

17 Et __: ALIA

18 Complimentary thoughts? PRAISEONONESMIND

21 Half a Caribbean federation: SAINTKITTS

22 Breitling competitor: OMEGA

23 Where some long drives begin: TEE

24 Certain octet member: PLANET

25 Subtitle for "Further Adventures of Jack and Jill"? BEYONDTHEPAIL

32 U.K. singer Rita: ORA

33 Like the sticks: RURAL

34 Tentative statement: IMAY

38 Collaborative website: WIKI

40 Classic slot images: LEMONS

41 Emanation: AURA

42 "He that hath no beard is __ than a man": Shak.: LESS

43 Battery post: ANODE

44 Capt.'s heading: NNW

45 Reason to open another register? WAITREDUCTION

50 Lean (on): DEPEND

53 Balloting time: Abbr.: NOV

54 Flotilla locale: OCEAN

55 Keep up (with), as fashion trends: STAYINSTEP

62 Rate hike at a tanning salon? ULTRAVIOLETRAISE

64 Goa garment: SARI

65 Edible bulb: ONION

66 Macabre fiction middle name: ALLAN

67 State of France: ETAT

68 Some red marks: WELTS

69 Knish purveyors: DELIS


1 Stage flankers: AMPS

2 When doubled, one of the Leeward Islands: BORA

3 Trendy berry: ACAI

4 "Way of the gods" belief: SHINTO

5 Get a move on: HASTEN

6 French mine: AMOI

7 Posted: SENT

8 Display, with "out": TROT

9 Sea eagles: ERNS

10 White alternative: RYE

11 Class for dogs and cats: MAMMALIA

12 "Guardians of the Galaxy" figure: ALIEN

13 Slight suggestion: TINGE

14 Attacked: HADAT

19 Squeezed (out): EKED

20 Arias, usually: SOLI

24 Comrades: PALS

25 Postseason game: BOWL

26 Historic canal: ERIE

27 Runs on: YAKS

28 Nottingham's river: TRENT

29 Laugh producer: HUMOR

30 Undercut: ERODE

31 Comprising standard glazing: PANED

35 Local bond, briefly: MUNI

36 The Ponte Vecchio spans it: ARNO

37 [What a bore!]: YAWN

39 "Scout's honor!": ISWEARIT

40 Attacked, with "into": LAID

46 Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect" films: ANNA

47 Meter, e.g.: UNIT

48 "Heart of Darkness" author: CONRAD

49 Deal in electronics? TVSALE

50 Put out: DOUSE

51 Eye-popping display: ECLAT

52 Ancient Jordanian archaeological city: PETRA

55 Trig function: SINE

56 Labor: TOIL

57 Oodles: ALOT

58 Hungers: YENS

59 Prepare for sowing: TILL

60 Actor Morales: ESAI

61 They're often secured at tellers' windows: PENS

63 Commitment: VOW

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