LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Suggestion for stress relief: TAKESOMETIMEOFF

16 Enjoying a solo walk in the woods: ATONEWITHNATURE

17 It makes a good point: PENCILSHARPENER

18 Big boat: ARK

19 Needs to remit: OWES

20 Trick: CON

21 Yellowy insides: YOLKS

24 Farm structures: PENS

25 Enters unnoticed: SLIPSIN

28 Paratha roti ingredient: GHEE

31 Showed joy, ironically: WEPT

32 Tricky hoops move that's often an assist: NOLOOKPASS

37 In the past: AGO

38 Supporters: RETINUE

39 Summary usually including a photo: BIO

40 Treatment for dry skin: BODYBUTTER

42 It's just above street level: CURB

43 Road game: ISPY

44 Ancient French region: ALSATIA

46 Summer hire: TEMP

49 Check for fit: TRYON

50 Chemical suffix: IDE

51 Vegas hotel with an operatic name: ARIA

54 Hosp. tubes: IVS

56 Pasta for vegetarians: MEATLESSLASAGNA


63 Scopes Trial site: DAYTONTENNESSEE


1 Dancing suitable for radio: TAP

2 Put away: ATE

3 Hawaiian coffee district: KONA

4 Protect from theft, in a way: ENCRYPT

5 High-end watches: SEIKOS

6 Barn __: OWL

7 Appropriate prefix for an embezzler? MIS

8 Guiding beliefs: ETHOS

9 Spring harbinger: THAW

10 Memo opener: INRE

11 Guides with scales: MAPS

12 Tanning time on the Riviera: ETE

13 Smidgen: OUNCE

14 Trademarked refrigerant: FREON

15 Decorative greenery: FERNS

22 Pregame managerial decision: LINEUP

23 Complicated: KNOTTY

24 Cheerleader's asset: PEP

25 Makeup-applying aid: SWAB

26 Toy brand with a Taj Mahal set: LEGO

27 2001 Apple debut: IPOD

28 Approach: GONEAR

29 Like most labor rates: HOURLY

30 Squeak (out): EKE

33 Short stories? LIT

34 Border on: ABUT

35 "Hey" assistant: SIRI

36 Polite-to-slurp Japanese noodle: SOBA

38 NFL ball carriers: RBS

41 Pup squeak: YIP

42 Solicit support from, as voters: CANVASS

45 "Indeed": SOISEE

46 Hardly outgoing: TIMID

47 Swelling: EDEMA

48 Not-so-nice sort: MEANY

49 Sample: TASTE

51 Vocal range: ALTO

52 Bit strap: REIN

53 "And __ it ironic": Alanis Morissette lyric: ISNT

55 Mil. ranks: SGTS

57 Day care attendee: TOT

58 Super Bowl IV MVP Dawson: LEN

59 Valiant's boy: ARN

60 Formerly named: NEE

61 Drink suffix with Power: ADE

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