LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 15 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Novelist __ Carol Oates: JOYCE

6 Frittata ingredients: EGGS

10 "__ baby!": ATTA

14 They might be common: AREAS

15 Christmas purchase: TREE

16 El Misti's land: PERU

17 *Necessary road trip stop: GASSTATION

19 Thrice dos: SEIS

20 Part of CPU: UNIT

21 Honey, in slang: BAE

22 Where to see sites: THENET

24 Court great Andre: AGASSI

26 *Place for a sleeper hit, maybe: FLIPSIDE

28 "Losing My Religion" band: REM

29 And so on: Abbr.: ETC

31 Young __: kids, in dialect: UNS

32 Palme __: Cannes award: DOR

33 Frat house greeting: BROHUG

35 Top-notch: AONE

36 *Wild West impresario: BUFFALOBILL

39 Bog buildup: PEAT

41 Bagel choice: SESAME

42 Olive __: OYL

43 Tramcar filler: ORE

45 "How Easy Is That?" cookbook writer Garten: INA

46 National econ. stat: GDP

49 *"Once and Again" actress: SELAWARD

52 Key with one flat: DMINOR

54 Robin's family: THRUSH

55 Here, on MŽtro maps: ICI

57 Grandkid spoiler, often: NANA

58 Word before ring or swing: MOOD

59 Crossroads concern, and where you might find the answers to starred clues' ending words: RIGHTOFWAY

62 H.G. Wells race: ELOI

63 The Bosporus borders it: ASIA

64 Infuriated: IRATE

65 Pixar clownfish: NEMO

66 HŠgar the Horrible's daughter: HONI

67 "Ciao!": LATER


1 Automaker with a feline logo: JAGUAR

2 Marmalade fruit: ORANGE

3 Positive reply: YESIAM

4 Finds players for: CASTS

5 Toronto winter hrs.: EST

6 1993 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee James: ETTA

7 "Good __!": GRIEF

8 1990s Chevrolet subdivision: GEO

9 Submitted: SENTIN

10 Areas for religious statues: APSES

11 Young star: TEENIDOL

12 Tested for size: TRIEDON

13 Forbidding: AUSTERE

18 Minimal: ABITOF

23 Officejet Pro printers: HPS

25 Feudal drudge: SERF

27 Horror legend Bela: LUGOSI

30 Beer after bourbon, say: CHASER

33 Save: BUT

34 Suffix meaning "little": ULE

35 Smithwick's product: ALE

36 Dance venue: BALLROOM

37 Western baddie: BANDIT

38 Mosque holy man: IMAM

39 Male carriers? POSTMEN

40 Hotel door feature: EYEHOLE

43 Pained sounds: OWS

44 Gung-ho: RAHRAH

46 Bother incessantly: GNAWAT

47 Campaign website button: DONATE

48 Grace, e.g.: PRAYER

50 Transcriber's source material: AUDIO

51 "Let's eat!": DIGIN

53 Red head? INFRA

56 Cardamom-infused tea: CHAI

60 Classified ad shorthand for "seeking": ISO

61 Olive __: OIL

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