LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 15 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 15 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mail in: REMIT

6 Hair-raising experiences? PERMS

11 Bare-bones sleeper: COT

14 Egypt's Mubarak: HOSNI

15 Font that's a homophone for a mermaid: ARIAL

16 Color: HUE

17 *Closest to the rail, at Churchill Downs: ONTHEINSIDE

19 Mitch McConnell's org.: RNC

20 Balance sheet category: ASSETS

21 "Love Story" author Segal: ERICH

23 The Big Easy, locally: NAWLINS

26 Works: OPUSES

27 Get one's bearings: ORIENT

28 Refines, as ore: SMELTS

30 Loads: TONS

31 "Dandy for your teeth" old toothpaste: IPANA

32 Guffaw: YUK

35 Ambulance letters: EMS

36 Comment about routine work ... and hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues: ITSAJOB

38 Wee, in Dundee: SMA

39 Apply gently: DAB

40 Novgorod nos: NYETS

41 Financial news channel: CNBC

42 Judge of baseball, for one: YANKEE

44 Pakistani metropolis: LAHORE

46 Jolson classic: SWANEE

48 Dispensed (with): DIDAWAY

49 Privilege of playing first, in golf: HONOR

50 Kid's retort: ARENOT

52 Latin 101 verb: AMO

53 *It may be used with a grunt or two: ELBOWGREASE

58 Network soliciting donors: PBS

59 Spry: AGILE

60 Stubborn: BALKY

61 Atlanta-to-Charleston dir.: ESE

62 Evaluated: RATED

63 Everly Brothers song sleepyhead: SUSIE


1 Pi follower: RHO

2 Ages and ages: EON

3 Casper winter hrs.: MST

4 Consumes eagerly: INHALES

5 Connects logically: TIESIN

6 See-through sheets: PANES

7 Once, old-style: ERST

8 Social reformer Jacob: RIIS

9 Magazine with "The Lighter Side of..." features: MAD

10 Where apnea might be diagnosed: SLEEPLAB

11 *Suzanne Somers' "Three's Company" role: CHRISSYSNOW

12 Prevention unit: OUNCE

13 Many Microsoft employees: TECHS

18 "It __ fair!": ISNT

22 Tire track: RUT

23 Famous: NOTED

24 Bakery draw: AROMA

25 *Barely triumphs: WINSBYANOSE

26 Napa prefix: OENO

28 Overflow: SPATE

29 Some mil. brass: MAJS

31 "Understood": ISEE

33 Eclipse shadow: UMBRA

34 Country singer Musgraves with six Grammys: KACEY

36 Cochlea site: INNEREAR

37 Child: TYKE

41 Loire Valley sight: CHATEAU

43 2021, por ejemplo: ANO

44 __ cod: Pacific Coast catch: LING

45 "Totes __!": really cute: ADORBS

46 Fitness magazine: SHAPE

47 Development sites: WOMBS

48 Like morning grass: DEWED

50 Somewhat: ABIT

51 Part: ROLE

54 JFK alternative: LGA

55 Pacino and Capone: ALS

56 Water __: SKI

57 Hurricane center: EYE

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