LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Defeat: TOP

4 Miniature vehicle that uses a remote, briefly: RCCAR

9 1956 hot spot: SUEZ

13 Seafarer's direction: THAR

17 Biker's ride: HOG

18 "__ roll!": IMONA

19 Cavalry weapon: LANCE

20 Provide an address: ORATE

21 *Poet who influenced T.S. Eliot: EZRAPOUND

23 Hold-up man? ATLAS

24 Brought down: RAZED

25 *Flattering words before a request: BEANANGEL

26 *'90s nickname for pop's Mel C: SPORTYSPICE

28 Regarding: ASTO

29 Cut: AXED

31 *Pre-TV performance genre involving arias: RADIOOPERA

32 Of course, in Cannes: BIENSUR

35 Swerved at sea: YAWED

37 "Sister Act" role: NUN

38 Fa follower: SOL

39 Terminus: END

40 To boot: ALSO

42 Seriously outrun on the track: LAP

43 Price-qualifying word: PER

44 Packaging meas.: NTWT

45 Bath tissue packaging word: PLY

46 Santa Monica landmark: PIER

48 Class assignment: ESSAY

50 *Pancake order: SHORTSTACK

54 Baker's dozen? EGGS

56 '50s TV innovation: CABLE

60 *Fish that doesn't taste like its name suggests: LEMONSOLE

61 Numbered work: OPUS

62 "Fantastic Four" villain, briefly: DRDOOM

63 Brown brew: ALE

64 Row of seats: PEW

65 Joltless joe? DECAF

67 AFL-__: CIO

68 GOP org.: RNC

69 Unidentified flying radar blips: BOGIES

71 Salsa order: MILD

72 *Killjoy, in modern lingo: FUNSPONGE

75 It may take a licking: STAMP

76 Went down: SANK

77 *Kraft offering, casually: MACNCHEESE

78 Old Turkish title: PASHA

80 Blubber: BAWL

81 Hip: MOD

82 Stuns: WOWS

85 Common URL ending: COM

86 Spot for suds: MUG

87 Very little: ADAB

89 Twin, say: SIB

92 Here, in Jalisco: ACA

93 "As __ to breathe were life!": Tennyson: THO

94 Silently understood: TACIT

96 "Encore!": ONEMORE

98 *Sushi fish: YELLOWTAIL

101 Formally surrender: CEDE

103 Novelist Waugh: ALEC

104 *Fruity fountain offering: BANANASPLIT

106 *Drywall material: SHEETROCK

109 Busy: INUSE

110 "101 Dalmatians" protagonist: PONGO

111 *Dessert literally represented in six pairs of answers to the starred clues: LAYERCAKE

112 Soda measure: LITER

113 Solo: ALONE

114 "The Jungle Book" wolf: AKELA

115 "M*A*S*H" set piece: COT

116 Highlands miss: LASS

117 Arguments: ROWS

118 Fresh: SASSY

119 Blasting stuff: TNT


1 1992 baseball biopic: THEBABE

2 Enters slowly: OOZESIN

3 Like many Pixar movies: PGRATED

4 Kelly of morning TV: RIPA

5 "Let's go!": CMON

6 BYU team nickname: COUGARS

7 Make part of a larger state: ANNEX

8 "To Kill a Mockingbird" recluse Boo __: RADLEY

9 Course for H.S. exam takers: SATPREP

10 Empty, as a U-Haul: UNLOAD

11 Digital greeting: ECARD


13 "The Sound of Music" name: TRAPP

14 Least distinct: HAZIEST

15 Was humiliated: ATECROW

16 Handed out fresh cards: REDEALT

19 Head for Vegas? LAS

20 Director Welles: ORSON

22 Presently, quaintly: ANON

27 Letter closer: YOURS

30 Destructive "Doctor Who" creature: DALEK

33 "Push It" hip-hop trio: SALTNPEPA

34 Tennyson work: ULYSSES

36 Target of some Bob Dylan songs: WAR

41 Birthstone after sapphire: OPAL

43 Cribbage pieces: PEGS

44 Long-distance swimmer Diana: NYAD

45 MLB player, e.g.: PRO

47 Trapped, in a way: ICEDIN

49 Scottie in Hitchcock's "Vertigo," for example: ACROPHOBE

50 Concrete hunks: SLABS

51 Spartan serf: HELOT

52 __-3 fatty acids: OMEGA

53 Pull behind: TOW

54 Greener Living org.: EPA

55 Hearty laugh: GUFFAW

57 Conveyed: BORNE

58 Yearns (for): LONGS

59 Run from a stage? EMCEE

61 Med. condition with repetitive behavior: OCD

62 Old Sony CD player: DISCMAN

66 Lodge member: ELK

67 Anderson Cooper's network: CNN

70 Little devils: IMPS

71 Polite address: MAAM

73 Mayim Bialik alma mater: UCLA

74 Voluminous ref.: OED

76 Has a mediocre round ... for a pro: SHOOTSPAR

77 Copperfield field: MAGIC

79 Neutral vowel symbol: SCHWA

80 Tampa Bay NFLer: BUC

82 Shipping document: WAYBILL

83 South Pacific region: OCEANIA

84 Waldorf salad morsels: WALNUTS

86 Speaks badly of: MALIGNS

88 Stereotypical ingenue facial feature: DOEEYES

89 Beyoncé, since 2002: SOLOACT

90 "S'pose so": IRECKON

91 "Waiting for Godot" playwright: BECKETT

93 Cosmetics liquid: TONER

94 Up to this point, informally: TILNOW

95 Model 3 autos: TESLAS

97 "Walking in Memphis" singer Cohn: MARC

99 Cuts with a beam: LASES

100 Ohno on skates: APOLO

102 Bangladesh capital: DHAKA

105 Low digit: TOE

107 Snaky swimmers: EELS

108 Cafeteria fixture: TRAY

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