LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 15 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Brakes: SLOWSUP

8 Do a sauce preparation job: DEGLAZE

15 Wedding employee: LIMOUSINEDRIVER

17 One always looking up: ETERNALOPTIMIST

18 Meander: WEND

19 42nd's second: GORE

20 Food buyer's consideration: TASTE

21 Polish removers: ACETONES

24 One of 20 in many books: MATCH

27 Pizza party purchase: SODA

28 Stress-free locale, ideally: SPA

31 Global warming concern: ICECAP

33 Private dining area: MESSTENT

36 "Death at a __" (2010 comedy): FUNERAL

38 Cooling-off period: DETENTE

39 A, often: FRONTROW

41 Hemsley's role on the sitcom "Amen": DEACON

42 Hill climber: ANT

43 What happy concertgoers want: MORE

45 Perfect places: EDENS

46 Deeply saddens ... or delights: MAKESCRY

48 Parting sentiment: PEACE

52 Little, playfully: ITTY

53 First name in late-night talk: DAVE

57 Bar association concern: AMBULANCECHASER


61 First name in late-night talk: ARSENIO

62 Shower components: METEORS


1 Host: SLEW

2 For calorie counters: LITE

3 Predictor, sometimes: OMEN

4 Conduct may have it on either end: WORDACCENT

5 Bright star: SUN

6 Data plan number: USAGE

7 American workers: PILOTS

8 Counted (on): DEPENDED

9 August hrs. in Augusta: EDT

10 Breakfast food mentioned in court in "My Cousin Vinny": GRITS

11 Green bean: LIMA

12 "It's Your Space" sloganeer: AVIS

13 Cocktail garnish: ZEST

14 Art Deco designer: ERTE

16 Space observation: NOROOM

22 Pie __: CHART

23 Left carefully, with "out": EASED

24 Tick off: MIFF

25 Luxury auto: ACURA

26 Carpentry joint component: TENON

28 Bae or boo, to former generations: STEADYDATE

29 Pound parts: PENCE

30 Playwright Chekhov: ANTON

32 Prosciutto di __: PARMA

34 Direct: STEER

35 Some bills: TENS

37 Investigate: LOOKINTO

40 "Amazing Grace" figure: WRETCH

44 Highly regard: ESTEEM

46 Fruit served with prosciutto: MELON

47 Spin, say: CYCLE

48 Storied bear: PAPA

49 2018 White House visitor from Qatar: EMIR

50 Kids' curriculum: ABCS

51 Garden veggie: CUKE

54 Regarding: ASTO

55 Suddenly turn: VEER

56 Messes up: ERRS

58 "100 Years...100 Movies" org.: AFI

59 Battleship success: HIT

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