LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 15 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel: SOBIG

6 PC key not used by itself: CTRL

10 "Joy to the World," e.g.: CAROL

15 Costa del __: SOL

18 Mocedades song covered by Eydie Gormé as "Touch the Wind": ERESTU

20 Riskily off base: AWOL

21 All-inclusive adjective: EVERY

22 Peak pique: IRE

23 *Landmark near Waikiki: DIAMONDHEAD

25 Carafe size: LITER

26 Opposite of trans: CIS

27 Comes down with: GETS

28 Printer supply: TONER

29 *Down time on Wall Street? BEARMARKET

31 67.5 deg.: ENE

32 Junior: SON

33 '80s soap rebooted in 2017: DYNASTY

35 __ podrida: Spanish dish: OLLA

36 "Sweeney Todd" tool: STROP

38 Mary __: KAY

40 One-named Deco artist: ERTE

41 Sick to the max: ILLEST

43 What prospective borrowers compare: RATES

45 Discipline with poses: YOGA

46 2015 Best Actress Larson: BRIE

47 *It's larger than a littleneck: CHERRYSTONE

50 *Where land and ocean meet: SEABOARD

54 Cascades peak: SHASTA

55 Bethesda medical agcy.: NIH

56 Cut: SEVER

57 Society page word: NEE

58 Duck named for the long-feathered part of its anatomy: PINTAIL

60 Stand-up quality? POSTURE

63 "Straight Up" singer: ABDUL

65 Bad road condition? RAGE

66 *Cowhide accessory: LEATHERBELT

69 One often has ticks: LIST

70 "Consequently ... ": ANDSO

72 Snuggled, in a way: SPOONED

73 Broad Eurasian region: SIBERIA

75 GATT successor: WTO

76 Plain __: obvious: TOSEE

78 Gist: NUB

80 Recall targets: LEMONS

81 *Negative-studier's aid: LIGHTBOX

83 *Kozy Shack dessert: RICEPUDDING

86 MTV sci-fi show "__ Flux": AEON

87 Quick run: DASH

88 Tough tests: ORALS

89 1964 Nobel Prize decliner: SARTRE

92 Tenth: Pref.: DECI

93 Narc's org.: DEA

94 Best way to leave the casino: AHEAD

98 "A Death in the Family" writer: AGEE

99 Land adjoining a mansion: DEMESNE

101 "Miss Saigon" setting: NAM

103 TiVo predecessor: VCR

104 *Fancy decoration particles: GOLDPOWDER

107 Come to pass: OCCUR

109 Phony (up): HOKE

110 The "E" in BCE: ERA

111 Alaskan native: ALEUT

112 *Former Queens home of the US Open: FORESTHILLS

114 Not of the cloth: LAY

115 Victoria, to William IV: NIECE

116 Computer __: USER

117 Gets to the bottom of: SOLVES

118 Cry of success: YES

119 Unloaded? SOBER

120 Submerged threat: REEF

121 Art of verse: POESY


1 Papyrus plants, e.g.: SEDGES

2 Get situated: ORIENT

3 Jalopy: BEATER

4 Things to believe in: ISMS

5 '60s song car with "three deuces and a four-speed and a 389": GTO

6 "Call Me Irresponsible" lyricist: CAHN

7 Outdoorsy, taste-wise: TWEEDY

8 Detroit Lions' mascot: ROARY

9 Honorary degree for attys.: LLD

10 Sugar Plum Fairy's instrument: CELESTA

11 Fly: AVIATE

12 Take another shot: RETRY

13 City on Utah Lake: OREM

14 Vega's constellation: LYRA

15 Tool with a curved blade: SICKLE

16 Protruding windows: ORIELS

17 "The Vampire Chronicles" vampire: LESTAT

19 Word that may precede itself: UNTO

24 Shrek's bestie: DONKEY

29 River transport: BARGE

30 Loggers' contest: ROLEO

32 Peloponnesian War victor: SPARTA

34 Noble gas: NEON

37 Electra's brother: ORESTES

39 PGA part: Abbr.: ASSN

41 "Dies __": IRAE

42 Early fall baby's sign: LIBRA

44 Are losing: TRAIL

45 Talk Like a Pirate Day refrain: YOHOHO

46 Cuts at an angle: BEVELS

47 Red wine: CHIANTI

48 Sad sack: HANGDOG

49 Walk quietly: TIPTOE

50 Desertlike: SERE

51 Hearth item sometimes called a firedog: ANDIRON

52 Extending the life of: REUSING

53 Mouth formations: DELTAS

54 Urban planner's concern: SPRAWL

56 Pin in a ring, say: SUBDUE

59 Textbook section: LESSON

61 Six-yr.-term pol: SEN

62 Ditch: TRENCH

64 Complexion spoiler: BLEMISH

67 High point: APEX

68 Actress Swinton: TILDA

71 Weasel relative: OTTER

74 Madhouse: BEDLAM

77 Shawm descendant: OBOE

79 Fraternal gp.: BPOE

82 Despised: HATED

83 Indy entrant: RACER

84 Egyptian fertility goddess: ISIS

85 Voyager 2 destination: URANUS

87 Harvest goddess: DEMETER

89 How Yoda spoke: SAGELY

90 Trading places? AGORAE

91 Track events: RELAYS

92 Figure out: DEDUCE

93 Formal order: DECREE

95 Advance in the race? EVOLVE

96 "Supernatural" co-star Jensen __: ACKLES

97 Beyond "business casual": DRESSY

99 Dimwitted "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" dinosaur: DWEEB

100 Rope loop: NOOSE

102 Liberal __: ARTS

105 Chef's collection: PANS

106 Potpourri: OLIO

108 Random House co-founder: CERF

109 Hawaii County seat: HILO

112 Pelt: FUR

113 Kangaroo move: HOP

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