LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Sleepy Hollow" actress Christina: RICCI

6 Scenic overlook offering: VIEW

10 Tools with teeth: SAWS

14 Broadcast warning sign: ONAIR

15 Included in the email loop, briefly: CCED

16 See 19-Across: CLEF

17 Enforcement arm of the fed. courts: USMARSHALS

19 With 16-Across, staff symbol for viola music: ALTO

20 Oopsy on the keys: TYPO

21 Feel out of sorts: AIL

22 Somali-born supermodel: IMAN

23 67.5 deg.: ENE

24 Streaming service whose logo ends with a math symbol: APPLETVPLUS

28 Curtain material: SCRIM

30 Vegas opening? VEE

31 "How We Do (Party)" singer Rita: ORA

32 German suffix with Konzert: MEISTER

36 Technical sch.: INST

37 What each set of circled letters spells ... and depicts: MOUNTAINRANGE

40 Works with hide: TANS

41 "This tastes awful!": IHATEIT

42 CPR provider: EMT

43 Darth, as a youth: ANI

44 Green stuff: DOUGH

48 "What I Like About You" co-star: AMANDABYNES

53 In favor of: PRO

54 Sciences partner: ARTS

55 "I do not see why I should __ turn back": Frost: EER

56 Where many a stuck thing sticks: CRAW

57 Paris gal pal: AMIE

58 Family CBS series set on a self-named mountain: THEWALTONS

61 Prejudice: BIAS

62 Pole at sea: MAST

63 Undercut: ERODE

64 Is too busy, say: CANT

65 Texter's disclaimer, briefly: IMHO

66 Change: ALTER


1 Google Maps offerings: ROUTES

2 On the same page: INSYNC

3 RV park vehicle: CAMPER

4 Vatican farewell: CIAO

5 Like some bargain bin mdse.: IRR

6 Blocker in a TV: VCHIP

7 "Show your cards": ICALL

8 Sushi bar fare: EEL

9 Part of wpm: Abbr.: WDS

10 Rogue: SCAMP

11 The whole time: ALLALONG

12 Professional who breast-feeds another's child: WETNURSE

13 NorCal airport: SFO

18 Syrup source: SAP

22 "__ got it!": IVE

24 "You said it!": AMEN

25 The Oscars, say: EVENT

26 __ Haute: TERRE

27 Grabbed a chair: SAT

29 Don of talk radio: IMUS

33 Singer Turner's memoir: ITINA

34 Indian "master": SAHIB

35 Barcelona aunt: TIA

36 Really enjoying: INTO

37 ABBA musical: MAMMAMIA

38 Quebecer's neighbor: ONTARIAN

39 Helps: AIDS

40 __ cozy: TEA

43 Common online interruptions: ADS

45 Yank from the soil: UPROOT

46 "Thank U, Next" singer Ariana: GRANDE

47 Doctor Doogie: HOWSER

49 Desert trial: NTEST

50 "Oy!": YEESH

51 Not familiar with: NEWTO

52 Big Band __: ERA

56 Lower left PC key: CTRL

57 It can replace "pie" in an idiom: ABC

58 "Enough!" in texts: TMI

59 Bad actor: HAM

60 Grassy expanse: LEA

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