LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 15 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Acting credits list: CAST

5 Start to crumble? CEE

8 "__ of a Salesman": DEATH

13 "The Godfather" enforcer __ Brasi: LUCA

14 It's true: FACT

15 __ City Music Hall: RADIO

16 Singer Lambert who sometimes sings with Queen: ADAM

17 Thing to scratch: ITCH

18 Equipment, on a balance sheet: ASSET

19 Historic U.S. Olympics hockey victory, familiarly: MIRACLEONICE

22 Tolkien trilogy, to fans: LOTR

23 Hosp. crisis area: ICU

24 Peter and Agnes: Abbr.: STS

27 Satirist who redefined the word "truthiness": STEPHENCOLBERT

31 Rd. or hwy.: RTE

32 Brontë's Jane: EYRE

33 Unpeaceful, queasy feeling: NAUSEA

34 Structure with a keystone: ARCH

36 Some school RAs: SRS

38 "__ Yankees": DAMN

39 Iroquoian people, or a hairstyle named for them: MOHAWK

42 Enjoy an e-cig: VAPE

45 Admin on Reddit: MOD

46 Police storage facility: EVIDENCELOCKER

49 Formerly named: NEE

50 "The Simpsons" outburst: DOH

51 Comics villain __ Kadabra: ABRA

52 Tennis format with man-and-woman pairs ... and a hint to each set of circles: MIXEDDOUBLES

57 Fast: RAPID

60 Red gem: RUBY

61 Move like molasses: OOZE

62 Garlicky spread: AIOLI

63 Votes for: YEAS

64 Shrek, for one: OGRE

65 Welcome at the door: GREET

66 Std. paper size: LTR

67 Pained whine: MOAN


1 Chowder ingredient: CLAM

2 Car with a four-ring 54-Down: AUDI

3 Injury reminder: SCAR

4 Leaf-wrapped masa dish: TAMALE

5 Wedding hires: CATERERS

6 Shoe brand that sounds like a sound: ECCO

7 Word before origin or identity: ETHNIC

8 Van Helsing nemesis: DRACULA

9 Facility: EASE

10 They pop up too often: ADS

11 Draw: TIE

12 Sweltering: HOT

14 Extremely, as rich: FILTHY

20 Deal (with): COPE

21 Emoji, for one: ICON

24 Key tahini ingredient: SESAME

25 Quake aftershock: TREMOR

26 Rise: STAND

27 Tried hard (for): STROVE

28 Geek Squad member: TECHIE

29 Stomach or guts: NERVE

30 Flower harbinger: BUD

31 Collegian's diet staple: RAMEN

35 Ate: HAD

37 Counter offering Italian, French and Russian options: SALADBAR

40 "Congrats to us!": WEDIDIT

41 "Goldfinger" fort: KNOX

43 Nawlins subs: POBOYS

44 Beige look-alike: ECRU

47 Women's Basketball Hall of Famer Miller: CHERYL

48 Comics explosion: KABOOM

52 "Walk a __ in My Shoes": Joe South hit: MILE

53 Two piece? DUET

54 See 2-Down: LOGO

55 Poet Pound: EZRA

56 Noticed: SEEN

57 "The Entertainer," e.g.: RAG

58 Word with bag or ball: AIR

59 "The Raven" writer: POE

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