LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 15 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Minor misunderstanding: TIFF

5 Long part of an arrow: SHAFT

10 Pride Month letters: LGBT

14 Sticky pod: OKRA

15 Grammy winner Jones: NORAH

16 Channel marker: BUOY

17 Letter starter: DEAR

18 Speechify: ORATE

19 Soda __: fountain worker: JERK

20 Dog, barking: DANGERALERT

23 "Understand?": SEE

24 Common Scrabble tile value: ONE

25 Afflicts: AILS

27 Satisfied sigh sound: AAH

30 Dog, begging: TREATPLEASE

36 Driving problem: GLARE

38 Sinewy: WIRY

39 Rio contents: AGUA

40 Burton of "Star Trek: TNG": LEVAR

41 Rhea cousin: EMU

42 Harry's mom Lily __ Potter: EVANS

43 Not buttoned, as a shirt: OPEN

44 "Bummer!": DRAT

45 It flows below the Pont Neuf: SEINE

46 Dog, ears erect: WHATWASTHAT

49 Nada: NIL

50 Steel-toe item: BOOT

51 "Just a __!": SEC

53 Southeast airport code: ATL

55 Dog, tail wagging: WELCOMEHOME

62 Thigh muscle, briefly: QUAD

64 "Outlander" series novelist Gabaldon: DIANA

65 Big name in big projections: IMAX

66 Bear overhead: URSA

67 Sprinter Bolt: USAIN

68 Daughter in the 2019 film "Judy": LIZA

69 Unwelcome diners: ANTS

70 __ hose: PANTY

71 Agenda bullet: ITEM


1 Mary __ Lincoln: TODD

2 Swedish superstore: IKEA

3 San __: Cal. city nickname: FRAN

4 FX series inspired by a Coen brothers film: FARGO

5 Noisy bedmate: SNORER

6 Traditional group dance: HORA

7 Decimated Asian sea: ARAL

8 Karma: FATE

9 Course of treatment: THERAPY

10 JFK-RMN link: LBJ

11 "No, still not right": GUESSAGAIN

12 Snooze inducer: BORE

13 Tot: TYKE

21 Go in: ENTER

22 Up to, briefly: TIL

26 Split: LEAVE

27 Luminous: AGLOW

28 First Hebrew letter: ALEPH

29 Enjoy oneself immensely: HAVEABLAST

31 Fancy pitchers: EWERS

32 Focus on, as a bull's-eye: AIMAT

33 Alternative to dare: TRUTH

34 Branch of Islam: SUNNI

35 Watercolor prop: EASEL

37 Totaled, as costs: RANTO

42 First name in beauty products: ESTEE

44 Went out with someone wealthier, say: DATEDUP

47 Amaze: WOW

48 The same number: ASMANY

52 __ dog: CHILI

53 Teal relative: AQUA

54 Go bad: TURN

56 Legal thriller writer Scottoline: LISA

57 Scott of "Hawaii Five-0": CAAN

58 Tending to the matter: ONIT

59 Exclude: OMIT

60 Puzzle with dead ends: MAZE

61 Checkup: EXAM

63 Prosecutors, briefly: DAS

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