LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 15 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Handy tension reliever: STRESSBALL

11 Kick back: REST


16 Fair: EXPO

17 Places for posers: ARTCLASSES

18 Banh mi spread: MAYO

19 Nonsense: ROT

20 Fabric types: KNITS

21 Racer with a crew: YACHT

22 Pasture mom: MARE

24 Exchange membership: SEAT

25 Trumpet: EXTOL

26 Guiding lights? STARS

28 Leaves on the sly: SKIPS

30 Pub order: ALE

31 Architectural deets: SPECS

33 Omission indications: ELLIPSES

35 In: CHIC

37 Instrument akin to an oud: LUTE

38 Bucolic: PASTORAL

42 From then on: SINCE

45 Tony-winning playwright Ensler: EVE

46 Prepare to show some muscle: OILUP

48 Pets: SNITS

50 From around here: LOCAL

52 One way to start: ANEW

54 Reason to go green? ENVY

55 Desktop assortment: ICONS

56 Software to debug: BETAS

58 Very long time: EON

59 "Pretty please?": CANI

60 Let others talk: PASSTHEMIC

62 Inserts, say: ADDS

63 Event necessitated by a move, perhaps: ESTATESALE

64 Bridge site: NOSE

65 "Why the tears?": WHATSSOSAD


1 Moving multitudes: SWARMS

2 Speakers often clear them: THROATS

3 Dilapidated digs: RATTRAP

4 Space-saving abbr.: ETC

5 La Jolla scientific research institute namesake: SALK

6 Medical procedures: SCANS

7 Keeps occupied: BUSIES

8 On the line: ATSTAKE

9 MRI technician's request: LIESTILL

10 "__ Djinns": Franck symphonic poem: LES

11 Century 21 rival: REMAX

12 Ambitious track wagers: EXACTAS

13 See-through device: SPYHOLE

14 Piccolo sounds: TOOTLES

21 Confident response after being doubted: YESITIS

23 Straight up: ERECT

27 Underwater groups: SCHOOLS

29 __-size: PLUS

32 HomePod Mini voice: SIRI

34 Diagonally cut pasta: PENNE

36 Vine fruit that can be dried and used as a container: CALABASH

38 Smoothie King Center NBAer: PELICAN

39 California state fruit: AVOCADO

40 Duel personalities: SECONDS

41 Some sleep on it: LUNESTA

43 Mall features: CINEMAS

44 "Ta-da!": ETVOILA

47 Watched a boxer, say: PETSAT

49 Matched, as movie sound and action: SYNCED

51 Star __: five-spice ingredient: ANISE

53 Juice amounts? WATTS

57 Word before "A Lady" or "A Woman," in two old Top 10 songs: SHES

60 Bench for a flock: PEW

61 Spanish pronoun: ESO

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