LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 15 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Beginning: OUTSET

7 Arnold’s Terminator, e.g.: CYBORG

13 Arboretum feature: SHADE

18 Some ski lodges: AFIAMES

20 Longhorn rivals: SOONERS

22 __ Island: CONEY

23 Pratt & Whitney helicopter engine with two power sections: TWINPAC

24 Unsteady walk while using social media? TWEETERTOTTEI

26 Fuel for a lorry: PETROL

28 Leslie Caron title role: LILI

29 “Count me in!”: IMTHEIE

30 Field in acting: SALLY

32 Detroit labor org.: UAW

34 Prefix meaning “billionth”: NANO

36 In reserve, with “on”: ICE

37 It tops a deuce: TIEY

38 Lowly short-order cook? FRYINGPAWN

41 24 minutes, in the NBA: HALF

44 Tommy’s kid brother on “Rugrats”: DIL

45 Marquis __: DESADE

46 Enjoy courses: EAT

48 1840s Rhode Island rebellion leader Thomas: DOII

50 In short order: ANON

52 Nasty storm: NOREASTEI

56 Popeye’s __’Pea: SWEE

57 Victorious shout: IWON

58 Bawdier Bavarian britches? LEWDERHOSEN

60 X x XXX: CCC

61 Storage compartments: BAYS

62 Sandburg’s “little cat feet” arrival: FOG

63 Mauna __: KEA

64 Trembling: ASHAKE

66 Intellectual: IDEAMONGER

70 Deficiencies: SHORTFALLS

73 Words with a gift: FOIYOU

74 Lambaste: RIP

76 Yield as a return: PAY

77 Fannie __: securities: MAES

78 Frodo pursuer: OIC

79 Beefcake’s breakfast: BRAWNFLAKES

84 Ilsa __: “Casablanca” heroine: LUND

85 “... giant __ for mankind”: LEAP

87 Like top Michelin ratings: THREESTAR

88 Toondom’s Le Pew: IEPE

89 Flood barrier: DIKE

90 “Ahem” relative: HEY

91 Spoke: ORATED

93 Maple extract: SAP

96 Big top, for one: TENT

98 Return from a salamander farm? NEWTPIOFIT

102 Work unit: Abbr.: FTLB

103 __ Bo: TAE

105 Stadium reaction: IOAI

106 PC hookup: LAN

107 Thai currency: BAHTS

108 Easily bent: PLIABLE

112 Kristen of “Bridesmaids”: WIIG

114 Nullify: NEGATE

116 Drawback of the best place to watch the fight? RINGSIDESWEAT

119 Dispute decider: AIBITER

122 En pointe, in ballet: ONTOE

123 Give an oath to: SWEAIIN

124 Enlarging, as a hole: REAMING

125 Contradictory word: WASNT

126 Some Dadaist paintings: ERNSTS

127 Brings honor to: GIACES


1 Bit in a horse’s mouth? OAT

2 Agric. labor group: UFW

3 Dessert for a large legal firm? TIIPLELAWYEICAKE

4 In a reasonable manner: SANELY

5 What “E” may mean: EMPTY

6 Get emotional, with “up”: TEAR

7 Wisconsin winter hrs.: CST

8 Distressed cry: YOWL

9 Enola Gay manufacturer: BOEING

10 Track circuit: ONELAP

11 Eye layer: RETINA

12 M.A. seeker’s hurdle: GRE

13 Ben Nevis, e.g.: SCOTCH

14 Easily riled types: HOTHEADS

15 It’s tossed into a pot: ANTE

16 Road sign ruminant: DEEI

17 Thornfield Hall governess: EYIE

19 Searches carefully: SCOURS

21 Indian term of respect: SRI

25 “Didn’t wanna know that!”: TMI

27 Bomb big-time: LAYANEGG

30 Like A/C in most cars: STD

31 Radio host Shapiro: AII

33 Heiress, perhaps: WIDOW

35 Have credit from: OWETO

38 Marshland: FEN

39 Uncool one who lately is sort of cool: NERD

40 Scot’s nots: NAES

42 Number for the weight-conscious? LOWCALANESTHETIC

43 Like Howdy Doody’s face: FIECKLED

45 Crime boss: DON

47 Accord: TIEATY

49 Judge’s announcement: IECESS

51 Lack of influence: NOSAY

53 Comics scream: EEK

54 Warring son of Zeus: ARES

55 Bygone Persian title: SHAH

57 “Don’t change anything!”: IADOIEIT

58 Actor Chaney: LON

59 Disturbing bank msg.: NSF

61 Like some closet doors: BIFOLD

62 Last down: FOURTH

65 Exaggerate on stage: HAMUP

67 Crowd around: MOB

68 Coastal raptor: ERNE

69 Overflowing: RIFE

71 Met regular: OPERAFAN

72 Dorm VIPs: RAS

75 Polite online letters: PLS

80 “Two owls and __”: Lear limerick line: AHEN

81 More twisted: WRYEI

82 Suffix for fabric: ATOI

83 Pope John Paul II’s given name: KAROL

84 Went before: LED

86 Big brass container? PENTAGON

88 Favored one: IET

92 Karaoke performer’s problem: TINEAR

94 PC key under Z: ALT

95 “Masterpiece” airer: PBS

97 Word processing function: TABSET

99 Humdinger: WOWSER

100 Formosa, now: TAIWAN

101 Buttinskies: PIIEIS

102 Bluebeard’s last wife: FATIMA

104 Rooter for the Bulldogs: ELI

107 Picture book pachyderm: BABAI

108 Figurehead spot: PROW

109 Director Wertmüller: LINA

110 QBs’ stats: INTS

111 Mag honchos: EDS

113 Walk or trot: GAIT

115 Norman on the links: GIEG

117 Girl in the pasture: EWE

118 Shipping wts.: TNS

120 Vegas-to-Denver dir.: ENE

121 Some NFL linemen: RGS

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