LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 15 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chums: PALS

5 Lacks the ability to: CANT

9 Not spicy, as wings: MILD

13 On the Pacific: ASEA

14 China's continent: ASIA

15 Potato-prep kitchen tool: RICER

16 *Metaphorical tablet for the overly nervous: CHILLPILL

18 Ancient Greek theater: ODEON

19 Sailors' yeses: AYES

20 Trinidadian music genre: CALYPSO

22 Batman's butler: ALFRED

25 Buyer's opposite: SELLER

26 Fishing boat: DORY

27 Actress Pinkett Smith: JADA

28 Troubles: AILS

31 Trouble: WOE

32 Sacred: HOLY

34 C.S. Lewis' fantasy world: NARNIA

36 Mimic: APE

37 *Flattering deception: SNOWJOB

39 Disney collectible: CEL

40 Do a city planner's job: REZONE

42 Farm cluckers: HENS

43 "Bambi" doe: ENA

44 Biblical garden site: EDEN

45 Riyadh resident: ARAB

47 Played for a sap: USED

48 Influential moneybags: FATCAT

50 Tousles, as hair: MUSSES

52 Old-fashioned, close-fitting undergarments: CORSETS

54 Diamond Head's island: OAHU

55 Let up: ABATE

56 Harbinger of lower temperatures, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: COLDFRONT

61 Nero or Claudius: ROMAN

62 Running shoe brand: AVIA

63 __ Lackawanna Railway: ERIE

64 Look intently (at): PEER

65 Come dramatically into view: LOOM

66 __ between the lines: READ


1 Lobbying gp.: PAC

2 Tapped-off cigarette part: ASH

3 Luau garland: LEI

4 Weekly pay, say: SALARY

5 Dressed like many a superhero: CAPED

6 Without warranty: ASIS

7 No goals, in soccer: NIL

8 Sprinkled with baby powder: TALCED

9 Halfway-through-the-term exam: MIDYEAR

10 *2005 Disney figure-skating film: ICEPRINCESS

11 Some July babies: LEOS

12 Bond villain who attended med school: DRNO

15 Sushi __: ROLL

17 Corrosive chemical: LYE

21 Support group for families of drinkers: ALANON

22 Pop-up-producing program: ADWARE

23 Like a lasso's business end: LOOPED

24 *Stop-action effect: FREEZEFRAME

25 "Come again?": SAYWHAT

27 Former "Idol" judge, familiarly: JLO

29 One with a collateral loan: LIENEE

30 Caesar and Cobb: SALADS

32 TV shopper's channel: HSN

33 Type of short play: ONEACT

35 Tummy muscles: ABS

38 Ex-Florida governor Bush: JEB

41 Astronomical way to wish: ONASTAR

46 Imp: RASCAL

47 Loan shark: USURER

49 High-schooler, typically: TEEN

50 Palindromic title: MADAM

51 Old TV dial letters: UHF

52 Kvetch like a fish? CARP

53 Bassoon kin: OBOE

54 Varied mixture: OLIO

57 Ab __: from the beginning: OVO

58 Salem is its cap.: ORE

59 Actress Long: NIA

60 Texas senator Cruz: TED

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