LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 15 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Esau's twin: JACOB

6 Latticework piece: LATH

10 Anew Skinvincible maker: AVON

14 Act unceremoniously? ELOPE

15 Boo-boo: OWIE

16 Start to suction? LIPO

17 Improvised container for roses: WINECARAFE

19 Aspiring DA's exam: LSAT

20 Sweets in an edible bouquet: CANDYFLOWERS

22 Urgent PD call: APB

25 Sport-__: UTE

26 Deceives: LIESTO

27 Birth of a baby: BLESSEDEVENT

31 Hanukkah pancake: LATKE

32 Chance: RISK

33 Mosquito-eating critter: BAT

36 DIY website: ETSY

37 Seafood boil staple: CLAMS

39 Wait patiently: BIDE

40 Singer Orbison: ROY

41 Tallow source: SUET

42 Dealership inventory: AUTOS

43 Government bonds are part of it: NATIONALDEBT

46 Italian fashion giant: ARMANI

49 Fashioned after: ALA

50 "Big Eyes" singer Lana Del __: REY

51 Like some conventional romances, as illustrated by each set of circled letters: BOYMEETSGIRL

55 Wile E. Coyote's supplier: ACME

56 Hardware store gadget that creates the perfect color: PAINTMIXER

60 Cardamom-flavored Indian tea: CHAI

61 She asked Sam to play "As Time Goes By": ILSA

62 Writer Zola: EMILE

63 Mild-mannered Clark: KENT

64 Vaping device, casually: ECIG

65 Jeans material: DENIM


1 Moses, for one: JEW

2 Boxing legend: ALI

3 Hornswoggle: CON

4 Crude gp.? OPEC

5 "__ I said so!": BECAUSE

6 __ it over: ruled: LORDED

7 Off in the distance: AWAY

8 Small spat: TIFF

9 Like gravity wedges: HEELLESS

10 Full of baloney: ALLWET

11 Woodshop grippers: VISES

12 Reality-bending paintings: OPART

13 "You're mistaken": NOTSO

18 Feed the kitty: ANTE

21 Trough grunt: OINK

22 More proficient: ABLER

23 "Allegory of the cave" philosopher: PLATO

24 "Breaking Bad" actress Brandt: BETSY

28 Star-spangled expanse: SKY

29 Muse for poets: ERATO

30 Vigor's partner: VIM

33 Dog to beware: BITER

34 Sun-dried brick: ADOBE

35 Out of sorts: TESTY

37 Cupcake: CUTIEPIE

38 Wreath of plumeria blossoms: LEI

39 Chum: BUD

41 Sensible: SANE

42 Protected from burglars: ALARMED

43 "Your call": NAMEIT

44 "Stop reminding me!": NAGNAG

45 Touched down: ALIT

46 Taken __: ABACK

47 Tamiflu producer: ROCHE

48 "Bro!": MYMAN

52 Soft mineral: TALC

53 Spanish ayes: SISI

54 Mojito fruit: LIME

57 Mark, as a survey square: XIN

58 Manning who announced his retirement in 2020: ELI

59 Sleep cycle: REM

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