LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 15 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 15 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 15 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Port initials: USB

4 Fallon's predecessor: LENO

8 Negative quality: MINUS

13 Late July arrival: LEO

14 No longer hung up on: OVER

15 Composed: SERENE

16 Going rate? TAXIFARE

18 Younger daughter of Hi and Lois, in comics: TRIXIE

19 Admission of defeat: ILOST

20 Petal pusher? FLORIST

22 Baseball's Wills and TV's Povich: MAURYS

24 __ zone: shallowest oceanic region that sunlight doesn't reach: BATHYAL

27 Co. once led by Baryshnikov: ABT

28 Sap sucker: APHID

31 Green prefix: ECO

32 Suffix with Bieber: MANIA

34 Like aged cheddar: SHARP

36 With some unscrambling, the contents of each set of circles: PERFECTSQUARE

40 Invoice word: REMIT

41 Blow one's fuse: ERUPT

42 Once-sacred snake: ASP

43 Straight sides of a pizza slice, e.g.: RADII

45 Relaxation destination: SPA

48 Low-down prank? HOTFOOT

51 __ torpedo: "Star Trek" weapon: PHOTON

54 Symbol of complementary principles: YINYANG

57 Watching intently: EYING

58 Bakery-café chain: PANERA

60 Man of steel? CARNEGIE

62 "Wild" author Strayed: CHERYL

63 Actor Baldwin: ALEC

64 Tillis of country: MEL

65 "Sonatine Bureaucratique" composer: SATIE

66 Soothing succulent: ALOE

67 Pitches during breaks: ADS


1 Word's last syllable: ULTIMA

2 Aquanaut's base: SEALAB

3 Block during rebounding, in basketball: BOXOUT

4 Up in the air: LOFTY

5 Actress Longoria: EVA

6 Soft toy brand: NERF

7 Russian city where Turgenev was born: OREL

8 Positive quality: MERIT

9 "Fighting" Indiana team: IRISH

10 When some fans have to wait till: NEXTYEAR

11 Solitary prefix: UNI

12 "Told you!": SEE

15 Fine fiddle: STRAD

17 Med. nation: ISR

21 Sapporo sash: OBI

23 Reasonable: SANE

25 Zoning unit: ACRE

26 Cut: LOP

29 Shot: PIC

30 Word repeated twice in a Roger Ebert title about bad movies: HATED

32 Injured pro's test, perhaps: MRI

33 Toward the stern: AFT

34 "What's doin'?": SUP

35 Haberdasher's item: HAT

36 Latin American capital: PESO

37 Like some late-game hockey goals: EMPTYNET

38 Hindu title: SRI

39 Wisecrack: QUIP

40 Fan sound: RAH

43 __ blue: ROYAL

44 Words with clip or crossroads: ATA

45 Mark of shame: STIGMA

46 Paid (up): PONIED

47 Cloud dwellers? ANGELS

49 Guy in the kitchen: FIERI

50 Deli order: ONRYE

52 For this reason: HENCE

53 "Listen up," to Luis: OYE

55 Indiana-based sports org.: NCAA

56 Chutzpah: GALL

58 Best Buy buys: PCS

59 "That's it!": AHA

61 Flying Cloud, for one: REO

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