LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 15 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Word with H or I: BEAM

5 Key of Chopin's ƒtude Op. 10, No. 3: EMAJ

9 Wont: HABIT


16 "The Faerie Queene" woman: IRENA

17 U.S. gross national debt units since 1981: TRILLIONS

18 Fictional musket wielder: ATHOS

19 Ready for action: HOTTOTROT

20 Medieval feudal lord: THANE

21 Prepare quickly, with "up": WHIP

22 Shudder: QUIVER

23 Some partygoers: STAGS

27 Aristotle in the 20th century: ONASSIS

29 River in Tuscany: ARNO

30 "Middlemarch" author: ELIOT

32 Low digits: TOES

34 YMCA leader and Peace Prize co-Nobelist John: MOTT

35 Coup group: JUNTA

36 Normandy department: ORNE

37 Lofty verse: EPOS

38 Glyceride, for one: ESTER

39 Tabula __: RASA

40 Japanese electronics giant: HITACHI

42 "Black Velvet" singer Alannah: MYLES

43 Sovereign: DYNAST

44 Early one-named Velvet Underground vocalist: NICO

47 Great service providers: ACERS

48 Looked raptly: STARGAZED

53 Photo finish: MATTE

54 It may be a stretch: LIMOUSINE

55 Colorado's __ Park: ESTES

56 Disproportion: IMBALANCE

57 Origins: SEEDS

58 Nudnik: PEST

59 Hit, as with snowballs: PELT


1 Choice when you can't decide? BOTH

2 Prefix with vision: EURO

3 Working: ATIT

4 Shed: MOLT

5 Bunker on Hauser Street: EDITH

6 "The Piano" extra: MAORI


8 Kid: JEST

9 Break: HIATUS

10 Subject including the Renaissance: ARTHISTORY

11 Type of economics: BEHAVIORAL

12 From that perspective: INONESENSE

13 Cop show shocker: TASER

15 Runs: FLOWS

22 Doha's country: QATAR

23 Word of equality: SAME

24 Cup holder: TROPHYCASE

25 Name wrongly associated with cake: ANTOINETTE

26 Took the first step: GOTSTARTED

28 One on a staff: NOTE

30 Kick out: EJECT

31 Green: LUSH

33 Tranquility and Serenity: SEAS

41 Rate: ASSESS

42 Big kahuna: MOGUL

43 Some royal wedding guests: DAMES

45 Feet in a meter? IAMBS

46 Balkan native: CROAT

48 Err: SLIP

49 Pronto: ASAP

50 E-__: ZINE

51 Letter-bottom abbr.: ENCL

52 Bugs' bane: DEET

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