LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 15 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 The "M" in STEM, briefly: MATH

5 Bistro offerings: MEALS

10 Darkened for emphasis, as text: BOLD

14 New York canal: ERIE

15 Quiver projectile: ARROW

16 "Buy It Now" site: EBAY

17 *Price a discarded item might fetch: SCRAPVALUE

19 Zonk out: DOZE

20 Snail's protection: SHELL

21 Directs: OVERSEES

23 "__ on Down the Road": "The Wiz" song: EASE

26 Bus sked info: ETA

27 *Preliminary book copy for editing: PRINTERSPROOF

33 Corp. money exec: CFO

35 Medical pros: DOCS

36 Take great pleasure in: SAVOR

37 Ship frame: HULL

39 "__ one is better?": WHICH

42 Great Pyramid site: GIZA

43 Physicist Newton: ISAAC

45 Surrey slammer: GAOL

47 Butterfly catcher: NET

48 *Salon job often shortened to its first four letters: PERMANENTWAVE

52 RVer's stopover: KOA

53 Interstate hauler: SEMI

54 Glam or punk, to rock: SUBGENRE

59 Cinderella's sweepings: ASHES

63 Horror film assistant: IGOR

64 Earthquake echo, or where the last words of the answers to starred clues might go: AFTERSHOCK

67 Sunscreen additive: ALOE

68 Stale-smelling: MUSTY

69 Grape soda brand: NEHI

70 "Well, I'll be darned!": MYMY

71 "Family Ties" mother: ELYSE

72 Asian wheat noodle: UDON


1 Total disorder: MESS

2 Word with enemy or rival: ARCH

3 Grow weary: TIRE

4 Shaman, for one: HEALER

5 Dallas NBAer: MAV

6 Important period: ERA

7 Woody's singing son: ARLO

8 Shutter with slanted slats: LOUVER

9 Sugary goodies: SWEETS

10 Places to sleep: BEDS

11 Flute's orchestral neighbor: OBOE

12 Lounge (around): LAZE

13 Hair salon colors: DYES

18 Flannel shirt pattern: PLAID

22 Knocks loudly: RAPS

24 Winter forecast: SNOW

25 Mark permanently: ETCH

27 Kind of ice cap: POLAR

28 Endorse digitally: ESIGN

29 Cleaner's cloth: RAG

30 Like sheep: OVINE

31 Move like molasses: OOZE

32 Greek campus group: FRAT

33 Short golf shot: CHIP

34 Firecracker-lighting cord: FUSE

38 Perp's escape: LAM

40 Webber musical based on Eliot poems: CATS

41 Sewing machine inventor Elias: HOWE

44 Wedding reception centerpiece: CAKE

46 Buddhist teachers: LAMAS

49 Generic: NONAME

50 Probably more than you wanted to hear: EARFUL

51 Hindu deity: VISHNU

54 Thailand, once: SIAM

55 Like eyesores: UGLY

56 Explosive sound: BOOM

57 Western writer Zane __: GREY

58 Crafter's website: ETSY

60 Worked the soil: HOED

61 Cavern phenomenon: ECHO

62 Largest human organ: SKIN

65 Sci-fi series extras: ETS

66 Whiskey grain: RYE

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