LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Golf contemporary of Jack and Gary: ARNOLD

7 Diner order, briefly: BLT

10 Hullabaloo: ADO

13 Omelet maker's tool: BEATER

14 Slangy "Agreed": YEAH

15 Soda container: CAN

16 One who locks up: LASTTOLEAVE

18 Drive-__: outdoor movies: INS

19 Important time: ERA

20 Try to attract: WOO

21 Chop finely: MINCE

23 Phrase used at a remembrance service: LESTWEFORGET

27 Lampoons: SATIRES

30 Legal degs.: LLBS

31 Chimp kin: ORANG

32 Can. neighbor: USA

33 Org. that issues drug recalls: FDA

36 Resort website section that includes a pool and fitness center: LISTOFAMENITIES

41 N. or S. state: DAK

42 Gershwin brother: IRA

43 Vermouth name: ROSSI

44 Inventor Rubik: ERNO

46 Adriatic country: CROATIA

48 Area to reclaim misplaced stuff: LOSTANDFOUND

52 Indian, for one: OCEAN

53 Archery skill: AIM

54 Lacking color: WAN

57 Had some lunch, say: ATE

58 Existential passion: LUSTFORLIFE

63 "The Simpsons" neighbor Flanders: NED

64 Elevator name: OTIS

65 Places to perch: ROOSTS

66 Pig's digs: STY

67 Spider's trap: WEB

68 "Who cares?": SOWHAT


1 Proficient: ABLE

2 Stern, at sea: REAR

3 Mars rover org.: NASA

4 '20s-'40s slugger Mel: OTT

5 "__ It Be": Beatles: LET

6 Nod off: DROWSE

7 Actress Arthur: BEA

8 Loo: LAV

9 Generic crime syndicate: THEMOB

10 Killing it on the test: ACING

11 Word after break or belly: DANCE

12 First occurrence: ONSET

14 "That's painful!": YEOW

17 Homesites: LOTS

22 Treasury Dept. org.: IRS

23 Dryer trap fuzz: LINT

24 Cogito-sum link: ERGO

25 In addition: ELSE

26 Eggy Spanish dessert: FLAN

27 Word after "Going twice": SOLD

28 "Carmen" solo: ARIA

29 Chore: TASK

32 Thurman in films: UMA

33 One of two bumped in friendship: FIST

34 __ Arnaz, Jr., coverchild on the first TV Guide: DESI

35 Europe neighbor: ASIA

37 Fictional rafter Huck: FINN

38 J.Lo's ex-partner: AROD

39 Pressing need? IRON

40 Garden critter: TOAD

44 Info at SFO: ETA

45 Needed to reorder: RANLOW

46 Bob or beehive: COIF

47 Grapevine transmissions: RUMORS

48 Sources of student interest? LOANS

49 Eightsome: OCTET

50 Somewhat disreputable: SEEDY

51 Dieter's concern: FATS

54 Coin-in-a-fountain thought: WISH

55 Mennen lotion: AFTA

56 Bird's home: NEST

59 Colorado native: UTE

60 Bro or sis: SIB

61 Milne hopper: ROO

62 __-impact aerobics: LOW

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