LA Times Crossword answers Friday 15 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 15 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 15 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 No-way man? JOSE

5 Shade-loving plant: HOSTA

10 Brainiac: WHIZ

14 At Dodger Stadium, briefly: INLA

15 Playwright Fugard: ATHOL

16 London's __ Park: HYDE

17 Walk, e.g.: GAIT

18 Electrical problem: SHORT

19 "Makes sense to me": ISEE

20 High-quality tennis venue? SUPERIORCOURT

23 Made amends: ATONED

24 Fireplace shelf: HOB

25 Noteworthy stretch: ERA

28 Earned: WON

29 Legal tender with an 8-Down: DIME

32 Kind of network: NEURAL

34 Well-known boxing venue? FAMILIARRING

36 Udon cousin: SOBA

39 Texting format, briefly: SMS

40 Infatuated: GAGA

41 Virtual golf venue? ONLINECOURSE

46 Early morning hr.: FOURAM

47 Catch sight of: SPOT

48 Maple output: SAP

51 Art nowadays? ARE

52 MLB player nickname since 2005: NAT

54 Em, for one: AUNTIE

56 Attractive soccer venue? MAGNETICFIELD

60 Declare: AVOW

62 Starting word containing five of the letters of what it starts: ALEPH

63 Street __: CRED

64 Fashionable Christian: DIOR

65 Curt: TERSE

66 Ship's spine: KEEL

67 Like the Marx Brothers: ZANY

68 Trade shows: EXPOS

69 Loudness unit: SONE


1 Something to put together: JIGSAW

2 Running by itself: ONAUTO

3 Comfy shoe: SLIPON

4 Polished off: EATEN

5 Orthodox Jewish sect: HASIDIM

6 Emperor after Galba: OTHO

7 Toots in a restaurant: SHOR

8 Statue of Liberty feature: TORCH

9 Pennsylvania railroad city: ALTOONA

10 Spinning sound: WHIR

11 Frenzied state: HYSTERIA

12 Suffix with ox-: IDE

13 Middle of Venezuela? ZEE

21 "The Scarlet Letter" letter: REDA

22 Means of getting around town: UBER

26 Summoned, in a way: RANG

27 Pond growth: ALGA

30 Odds-and-ends abbr.: MISC

31 St. __ Fire: ELMOS

33 Craving: URGE

34 More susceptible to sunburn: FAIR

35 Bats: ISUP

36 Sectional __: SOFA

37 Words before before: ONOR

38 Very long time: BLUEMOON

42 Da __, Vietnam: NANG

43 Spring (from): EMANATE

44 Raid targets: ROACHES

45 Word after Double in a cookie name: STUF

48 Assembly with speakers? STEREO

49 Quinn of "Annie": AILEEN

50 Hawk: PEDDLE

53 Fax ancestor: TELEX

55 Steals, in British slang: NICKS

57 Out of kilter: AWRY

58 Md. athlete: TERP

59 __ facto: IPSO

60 Wood shaper: ADZ

61 Routing term: VIA

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