LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 What a regular often orders, with "the": USUAL

6 First of a cereal box trio: SNAP

10 Box score number: STAT

14 See 5-Down: MESSI

15 Dorothy's dog: TOTO

16 Distinctive vibe: AURA

17 Sauce with basil: PESTO

18 Like many cars sold online: USED

19 "Jurassic Park" predator: TREX

20 Youngster, metaphorically: SPRINGCHICKEN

23 Antlered Yellowstone beast: ELK

24 Lao Tzu's "way": TAO

25 __City: computer game: SIM

28 Stick a stake in, as a vampire: IMPALE

32 Dry-eyes solution: SALINE

34 Manual filing target? NAIL

35 Toddler's monster deterrent: NIGHTLIGHT

39 Brings on board: HIRES

41 Luau neckwear: LEI

42 He played Grant on "Lou Grant": ASNER

43 Morning awakener: ALARMCLOCK

46 Poi source: TARO

47 One of four in five: LETTER

48 Theater walkways: AISLES

50 Before, in poems: ERE

51 "__ MisŽrables": LES

53 Hesitant utterances: UMS

54 Behind-the-scenes money source ... and a hint to the start of 20-, 35- and 43-Across: SILENTPARTNER

61 Elton or Lennon: JOHN

63 Boxer's foursome: PAWS

64 Garlicky mayo: AIOLI

65 CNN anchor Burnett: ERIN

66 Great Lake with the shortest name: ERIE

67 King of rock 'n' roll: ELVIS

68 Spinning toys: TOPS

69 Apt word found in "accident": DENT

70 Tenant's contract: LEASE


1 Officials calling strikes: UMPS

2 Trickle: SEEP

3 Cold War initials: USSR

4 Italian wine region: ASTI

5 With 14-Across, soccer's GOAT, to many: LIONEL

6 Experiencing writer's block, say: STUCK

7 Light snack: NOSH

8 Bit the dust: ATEIT

9 Online talk show: PODCAST

10 Fill until full: SATE

11 Car's blinker: TURNSIGNAL

12 "Roses __ red ... ": ARE

13 Collectors' item? TAX

21 Secluded valley: GLEN

22 Eucalyptus eater: KOALA

26 Response from the next room: INHERE

27 Urban transit systems: METROS

28 Take a breath: INHALE

29 "The Naked and the Dead" author Norman: MAILER

30 Hook's vessel: PIRATESHIP

31 Wide awake: ALERT

33 Grocery shoppers' aids: LISTS

36 Sick: ILL

37 Cable TV's Nat __ Wild: GEO

38 Hyphenated fruit drink brand: HIC

40 Incense-sensing sense: SMELL

44 Scared, with "out": CREEPED

45 Hindu god of desire: KAMA

49 Tel Aviv's land: ISRAEL

52 Drum type: SNARE

53 Underdog's victory: UPSET

55 Roadside lodgings: INNS

56 Mary-Kate, to Ashley: TWIN

57 Mah-jongg piece: TILE

58 PBS science series: NOVA

59 Yale students: ELIS

60 Heed a bailiff's order: RISE

61 Hot tub feature: JET

62 Spanish gold: ORO

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