LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 15 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rolex rival: OMEGA

6 Wow: AMAZE

11 Listing at JOB

14 Halloween costume with pointy ears: DEVIL

15 Mid-range voice: TENOR

16 One of WD-40's many: USE

17 Wartime delinquent: DRAFTDODGER

19 Slippery road cause: ICE

20 Multipart sofa: SECTIONAL

21 Mufasa's "The Lion King" brother: SCAR

22 '60s-'70s Chicago Bears running back who is the youngest inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: GALESAYERS

25 German pastry: STRUDEL

30 Provide money for: FUND

31 Playground retort: ARESO

32 __ sci: POLI

33 Web access co.: ISP

36 Flute and oboe: WINDINSTRUMENTS

40 Drunkard: SOT

41 Sorority T's: TAUS

42 Sleep disorder: APNEA

43 Sam or Michelle of Georgia politics: NUNN

44 Online marketing technique: EBLASTS

46 Flaky baked dough: PUFFPASTRY

50 Human rights lawyer Clooney: AMAL

51 Greek "Father of History": HERODOTUS

57 Birdie plus one: PAR

58 "Piece of cake!" ... and apt description of the starts of 17-, 22-, 36- and 46-Across? WHATABREEZE

60 "Mad Men" network: AMC

61 Hazardous gas: RADON

62 Shenanigan: ANTIC

63 Falsehood: LIE

64 Surgical tube: STENT

65 Everycow: BOSSY


1 3:1, e.g.: ODDS

2 No more than: MERE

3 Emergency copter op: EVAC

4 Birthday buy: GIFT

5 Mid-range voices: ALTI

6 Without a key: ATONAL

7 Olympic goal: MEDAL

8 Artfully seek, as a promotion: ANGLEFOR

9 Actress Kravitz: ZOE

10 Make a mistake: ERR

11 Electricity: JUICE

12 Letter before Papa: OSCAR

13 Coronas and Buds: BEERS

18 Venetian elder of yore: DOGE

21 Australian airport code: SYD

23 "Star Trek" helmsman: SULU

24 __ husbandry: ANIMAL

25 Logging tools: SAWS

26 Fairy tale bears, e.g.: TRIO

27 "Seasons of Love" musical: RENT

28 Amer. money: USD

29 Wrap a gift, slangily: DOITUP

32 Halves of qts.: PTS

33 Holiday and Days: INNS

34 Editor's "Let it be": STET

35 Free TV ads: PSAS

37 Mom's mom: NANA

38 Awning, for one: SUNSHADE

39 Eco-conscious govt. group: EPA

43 Super Bowl org.: NFL

44 Roaming, like a knight: ERRANT

45 Brief invite equivalent of "Drinks are not on me!": BYOB

46 Like decrees from Francis: PAPAL

47 Fish sauce taste: UMAMI

48 Screwball comedy: FARCE

49 Grand __ National Park: TETON

52 Just plain plain: DRAB

53 Napa prefix: OENO

54 Asian holidays: TETS

55 Israeli weapons: UZIS

56 Cabinet dept. head: SECY

58 QB targets: WRS

59 Top __: Monopoly piece: HAT

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