LA Times Crossword answers Friday 15 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 15 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 15 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 911 pro: EMT

4 Like a certain elevated plane: ASTRAL

10 Tack on: ADD

13 "Ain't interested": NAH

14 Present and accounted for: ALLHERE

15 Word with honey or mud: PIE

16 Furniture maker's designated stock of wood? CHESTPIECES

18 Bench press target: PEC

19 Silent star of early talkies: HARPO

20 Like the Grinch: MEAN

21 "Sing it, Sam" speaker: ILSA

22 Frightens: ALARMS

24 Cherished activity: PASSION

26 "Well-played!": NICE

27 Notable period: ERA

30 Indigenous Alaskan: ALEUT

31 Accommodate Simba at one's hotel? TAKEAWILDGUEST

35 What may float your boat: PONTOON

36 Foggy playground vista? ASWINGANDAMIST

43 Be compatible: FITIN

44 __ Speedwagon: REO

45 Rent-__: ACAR

46 A real keeper, romantically: MRRIGHT

49 Rant: TIRADE

51 Bard's "Bummer!": ALAS

52 Lack of impediments: EASE

55 1492 vessel: PINTA

56 Brand "choosy moms choose," in ads: JIF

57 Shipment of nautical parts? MASTTRANSIT

59 Gender-neutral pronoun: ONE

60 Not naked: ATTIRED

61 Professional org. since 1847: AMA

62 Old Glory hue: RED

63 First word of Dorothy's last line in Oz: THERES

64 "I'm interested": YES


1 Fascinate: ENCHANT

2 1966 self-titled gospel album: MAHALIA

3 Emotionally stressed, after "on": THERACK

4 Swiss peak: ALP

5 Poor, as odds: SLIM

6 What you might be in the Bible? THEE

7 Summary: RECAP

8 Place for games: ARENA

9 "__ Misérables": LES

10 Submits one's résumé: APPLIES

11 Wanes: DIESOUT

12 Pour into a carafe: DECANT

14 Quark place: ATOM

17 Binge: SPREE

21 Alcatraz, for one: ISLE

23 Affix, as a shoulder patch: SEWON

25 Spa amenity: SAUNA

28 One may be given at a 29-Down: RING

29 See 28-Down: ALTAR

32 Acting like: APING

33 "Ta-da!": DONE

34 Title character who is never onstage: GODOT

36 Delta, for one: AIRLINE

37 Fired on from above: STRAFED

38 Units for gamers: WIIS

39 County including the Muir Woods sequoias: MARIN

40 "They've authorized me to report ... ": ICANSAY

41 Period of mourning, e.g.: SADTIME

42 Regard to be: TREATAS

43 Key of two Beethoven symphonies: FMAJOR

47 Baskerville Hall landscape: HEATH

48 "Things sweet to __ prove in digestion sour": "Richard II": TASTE

50 Air 2 or Pro: IPAD

53 Move a bit: STIR

54 To be, in Bordeaux: ETRE

57 Calisthenics aid: MAT

58 High-__ image: RES

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