LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 15 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wobbly dessert: JELLO

6 Pal: BUB

9 Vintner's tub: VAT

12 Birdlike: AVIAN

13 Drachma replacer: EURO

14 B&Bs: INNS

16 Source of post-toilet training anxiety: BEDWETTING

18 Use too much of, briefly: ODON

19 Many SAT takers: SRS

20 Dashboard feature: DIAL

21 Reach through the air: FLYTO

22 Surfer's destination: WORLDWIDEWEB

25 Treat, as table salt: IODIZE

28 Major blood vessel: AORTA

29 Male in the hive: DRONE

30 Sharp-tasting: TART

32 Trailer park parkers: RVS

35 Actor Cariou of "Blue Bloods": LEN

36 Great Depression recovery program: NEWDEAL

39 Question of method: HOW

40 Letters on a law office door: ESQ

41 Purges (of): RIDS

42 "The Hot Zone" virus: EBOLA

44 Quick-as-lightning Bolt: USAIN

47 Apt to malfunction, as wiring: FAULTY

48 Youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II: PRINCEEDWARD

52 Illumination units: LUXES

53 Have __: know someone: ANIN

54 "The Night Of" channel: HBO

57 Slender woodwind: OBOE

58 Desert plant suggested by this puzzle's circles: TUMBLEWEED

61 Dingbat: DITZ

62 Flat-package furniture chain: IKEA

63 River through western Germany: RHINE

64 Florida island: KEY

65 Video game initials: NES

66 Separates for the wash: SORTS


1 Quick punches: JABS

2 "Did you __?!": EVER

3 The eyes have them: LIDS

4 Murphy's __: LAW

5 Standard eggs purchase: ONEDOZEN

6 Play with Lincoln Logs, say: BUILD

7 Coffee hour vessel: URN

8 Peat source: BOG

9 Purple shade: VIOLET

10 Artist nicknamed the "Pope of Pop": ANDYWARHOL

11 Govt. bill: TNOTE

13 And others, in bibliographies: ETAL

15 Stuck-up sort: SNOB

17 Goodyear product: TIRE

21 Pres. who developed the 36-Across: FDR

22 Finish in front: WIN

23 Stuff to sell: WARES

24 Itty bit: IOTA

25 Not employed: IDLE

26 Rock groups? ORES

27 Man of La Mancha: DONQUIXOTE

30 Packing rope: TWINE

31 Say further: ADD

33 Chevy's plug-in hybrid: VOLT

34 Rock to music: SWAY

37 Great Lake bordering four states: ERIE

38 Knowledge seekers: LEARNERS

43 Flower source: BUD

45 Companion of Bashful: SNEEZY

46 Bldg. coolers: ACS

47 Get no credit for, in school: FAIL

48 Walk heavily: PLOD

49 Big name in puzzle cubes: RUBIK

50 British noblewomen: DAMES

51 Where to see the Sun, the Sky and the Stars: Abbr.: WNBA

54 Will beneficiary: HEIR

55 Like an arm in a sling: BENT

56 Lyrical lines: ODES

58 Altoids container: TIN

59 Island strings: UKE

60 Question of identity: WHO

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