LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 15 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 15 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 15 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Passé saver of fave programs: VCR

4 Energized: AMPEDUP

11 Sales add-on: TAX

14 Parseghian of Notre Dame: ARA

15 "Alas, it's true": IFEARSO

16 Juan Perón's wife: EVA

17 Level the playing field? MOW

18 Was felt very strongly: RANDEEP

19 Say no to: NIX

20 Medicare section: PARTB

22 Big name in shoe stores: DSW

23 "Same here": ASDOI

25 Camper's heater: STERNO

27 Links targets: GREENS

28 *Fresh face in a newsroom: CUBREPORTER

32 ORD airport postings: ARRS

34 Get hitched on the run: ELOPE

35 Giant in nonstick sauté pans: TFAL

38 Big oafs: LOUTS

40 Saw: MET

41 Galaxy, e.g.: PHONE

42 Practice frugality: SKIMP

43 Tense NFL periods: OTS

44 "Bleeding Love" singer Lewis: LEONA

45 Beat in a pie contest, say: OUTEAT

47 Booted out: OUSTED

48 Turncoat: RAT

50 Cable network since 1972: HBO

51 Error the answers to starred clues might make: ROOKIEMISTAKE

58 *Fresh face at online gaming: NOOB

59 *With 60-Across, fresh face at a dojo: WHITE

60 *See 59-Across: BELT

62 "Try again": NOPE

63 Zeus' shield: AEGIS

64 Bike signal: BELL

65 Website for handmade jewelry: ETSY

66 Egg holders: NESTS

67 "Match Game" host Baldwin: ALEC


1 Improvises, in jazz: VAMPS

2 Dubrovnik resident: CROAT

3 *Fresh face at boot camp: RAWRECRUIT

4 Site with many home pages? AIRBNB

5 CalArts degree: MFA

6 Await a decision: PEND

7 George of "MacGyver": EADS

8 Picked from the deck: DREW

9 Find a place for: USE

10 Keith Haring genre: POPART

11 *Fresh face in the Boy Scouts: TENDERFOOT

12 French postcard word: AVION

13 Graph line: XAXIS

21 "I wouldn't lie": TRUSTME

24 Is really boiling: SEETHES

26 Mining find: ORE

27 Hurdle for a future Ph.D.: GRE

29 Red Muppet: ELMO

30 Frost, e.g.: POET

31 Goes (for): OPTS

32 Too: ALSO

33 Amazon Fire TV Stick alternative: ROKU

36 Hathaway of "Ocean's 8": ANNE

37 Take charge of: LEAD

39 __ plug: SPARK

41 Plum-apricot hybrid: PLUOT

46 Where bubble tea originated: TAIWAN

47 Persistently haunt: OBSESS

49 Little laugh: TEHEE

50 "Start the music!": HITIT

51 Carrot or turnip: ROOT

52 "My bad": OOPS

53 Follow orders: OBEY

54 "Top Gun" enemy planes: MIGS

55 "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" group: ABBA

56 Ship's backbone: KEEL

57 Glamour rival: ELLE

58 Mobile-to-Knoxville dir.: NNE

61 Dr. Mom's skill: TLC

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