LA Times Crossword answers Friday 15 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 15 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 15 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 River past the Museo Galileo: ARNO

5 Wipe out: ERASE

10 "Antiques Roadshow" airer: PBS

13 Half of rock's '60s "it" couple, per Time: CHER

14 "I've got this": LETME

15 Chipotle serving, casually: GUAC

16 Clothes line? HOWDOILOOK

18 Approximately: ORSO

19 County bordering London: ESSEX

20 Ingredient in arr˜s negre, a squid-and-rice dish: INK

21 Pursuit: QUEST

22 Solidified: FROZE

24 Tag line? YOUREIT

26 Able-bodied: HALE

28 Green of "Casino Royale": EVA

30 Iraq War danger: Abbr.: IED

31 "The Wire" antihero __ Little: OMAR

32 Think back to: RECALL

34 Gym surface: MAT


40 Vague ending: ISH

41 Bilingual Muppet: ROSITA

42 MD's diagnostic tools: MRIS

43 Big bird: EMU

44 Relative of Da and De: VON

45 Leaning: BIAS

46 Pick-up line? WHERETO

50 Rte. with a Lake Michigan ferry crossing: USTEN

52 Times New __: ROMAN

53 Health care provider: Abbr.: LPN

55 "Set Fire to the Rain" singer: ADELE

58 Beyond regulation play, briefly: INOT

59 Defensive line? IDIDNTDOIT

61 WWII Axis general: TOJO

62 Kansas Army fort: RILEY

63 Slaughter on the diamond: ENOS

64 Asian honorific: SRI

65 Neglected: SEEDY

66 Grant's opposite: DENY


1 Overexertion symptom: ACHE

2 Frat letters: RHOS

3 Ironic "This should come as no surprise ... ": NEWSFLASH

4 Ones stocking up: ORDERERS

5 Lilly of drugs: ELI

6 Bullpen staff: RELIEVERS

7 Loads: ATON

8 Like the air around a campfire: SMOKY

9 "What's THAT?": EEK

10 Applesauce, e.g.: PUREE

11 Low singers: BASSI

12 "Waverley" novelist: SCOTT

15 Squash, for one: GOURD

17 Big name in spatulas: OXO

21 Put down: QUELL

23 Reset: ZEROOUT

25 Crankcase reservoirs: OILPANS

26 Kachina carver: HOPI

27 Reddit Q&A sessions: AMAS

29 When Prospero says, "We are such stuff as dreams are made on": ACTIV

33 Blew away: ASTOUNDED

34 Ford carrier in the mid-'70s: MARINEONE

35 Tibet's place: ASIA

36 Julia's "Ocean's Twelve" role: TESS

38 Guys who spin: PRMEN

39 Like some war correspondents: EMBEDDED

43 Poetry Muse: ERATO

46 Court directives: WRITS

47 Esteem: HONOR

48 Heart Eyes or OK Hand: EMOJI

49 "Yesterday," today: OLDIE

51 Bit of body art: TAT

54 Stack: PILE

56 Safari sight: LION

57 Online marketplace: ETSY

59 Returns home? IRS

60 Big Apple team, on crawl lines: NYY

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