LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Coarse file: RASP

5 Separated: APART

10 Places to relax: SPAS

14 Prefix for an eight-armed creature: OCTO

15 One who prefers their own company: LONER

16 Causes of some head scratching: LICE

17 "Sorry to say ... ": ALAS

18 Tubelike pasta: PENNE

19 Fairy tale beginning: ONCE

20 Wacky: NUTTY

22 "Ciao" cousin: TATA

23 Ring ref's decisions: TKOS

24 "Good grief!": EGADS

26 Top often with a slogan: TSHIRT

28 Maternal "Holy moly!": OHMAMA

30 "By all means!": PLEASEDO

32 Cappuccino feature: FOAM

33 Interwoven strands of hair: BRAIDS

35 Conical abode: TEPEE

37 Unreturnable serve: ACE

38 Enjoy the rink: SKATE

43 Put away money for the future: SAVEUP

46 Clapton who sang "Layla": ERIC

47 Duplicitous: TWOFACED

51 Response to "Am not!": ARETOO

53 Intrepid: HEROIC

54 Leaky faucet sounds: DRIPS

55 GPS suggestions: RTES

56 One with a password: USER

59 Gas grill place: PATIO

62 Sacred bird of ancient Egypt: IBIS

63 With 65-Across, chore on a winter to-do list ... and what appears in each set of circles: SPLIT

65 See 63-Across: WOOD

66 Run out of steam: FADE

67 Lets up: EASES

68 Pisa's river: ARNO

69 Cafeteria carrier: TRAY

70 __ naked: STARK

71 Wine bottle number: YEAR


1 Horse coat color: ROAN

2 Rights org. since 1920: ACLU

3 Many a U.S. atlas page: STATEMAP

4 Like much sports analysis: POSTGAME

5 Swiss peak: ALP

6 Dickinson and Keats: POETS

7 Tolstoy's Karenina: ANNA

8 Monopoly payment: RENT

9 Took to dinner, say: TREATED

10 "Three-toed" critters: SLOTHS

11 Little finger: PINKIE

12 Honda sedan: ACCORD

13 Takes care of: SEESTO

21 Thanksgiving tuber: YAM

25 Tiny bit, as of cream: DAB

27 Impudence: SASS

28 Bard's "frequently": OFT

29 Garden tool: HOE

30 Walked back and forth: PACED

31 In __ of: replacing: LIEU

34 Enthusiastic review: RAVE

36 Actor Morales: ESAI

39 Another name for Monkey in the Middle: KEEPAWAY

40 Paint seller: ARTSTORE

41 Spanish uncle: TIO

42 Green prefix: ECO

44 Points a finger at: ACCUSES

45 Birdie plus one: PAR

47 Careful cash management: THRIFT

48 Home mixologist's dream: WETBAR

49 Tater Tots maker: OREIDA

50 Primate studier Dian: FOSSEY

52 Fabric fault: RIP

54 More arid: DRIER

57 Tiff: SPAT

58 "Frozen" queen: ELSA

60 College named for a Scottish island: IONA

61 Scent: ODOR

64 "You shouldn't do that": TSK

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