LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 15 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Raid units? SPRAYS

7 Pass after all else failed? HAILMARY

15 Mine shaft tool: TREPAN

16 Ambiguous part: GRAYAREA

17 Cab Calloway catchphrase: HIDEHO

18 Jonathan's cousins: WINESAPS

19 She plays Hermione in "Harry Potter" films: EMMA

20 Falls behind, perhaps: OWES

22 Some sleepers: SOFAS

23 Soup vegetable: LEEK

24 Big name in diamonds: ZALES

26 Parishioner's place: NAVE

27 Reagan __: ERA

28 Word on a business card: CELL

29 Old tankard material: PEWTER

31 Stallone, in "Capone": NITTI

33 Name on some euros: ESPANA

35 Takes in: ABSORBS

37 Replacement for unlisted items: ANDSOON

41 Charity tourneys: PROAMS

43 Throw out an idea: OPINE

44 Takes root: SETSIN

47 Eats: CHOW

49 Brief subject: LAW

50 Spot for a scrape: KNEE

51 Starbucks order: DECAF

53 "__-daisy!": UPSY

54 Thumb twiddler: IDLER

56 Dough: CASH

57 Pickup spot? NAPE

58 Baloney: FOLDEROL

60 Where Mark Twain married Olivia Langdon: ELMIRA

62 Paratrooper's start: FREEFALL

63 Like beef loin, vis-ˆ-vis chuck: LEANER

64 Commuting metaphor: SARDINES

65 Bands of cerebral nerve fibers: PONTES


1 Napa County city that's home to Beringer Vineyards: STHELENA

2 Pricey cut: PRIMERIB

3 2-Down and others: REDMEATS

4 Vertical, more or less: APEAK

5 Slangy agreement: YAH

6 Loser's mistake? SNOOZE

7 "The Shape of Things to Come" author: HGWELLS

8 Develop: ARISE

9 Ziering of "Sharknado": IAN

10 Soapmaking compounds: LYES

11 Stinging builder of mud nests: MASONWASP

12 See 14-Down: ARAFAT

13 Work on, as a road: REPAVE

14 With 12-Down, 1994 Peace Prize sharer: YASSER

21 Peace Nobelist of 1983: WALESA

25 Bridge: SPAN

28 High clouds: CIRRI

30 Fund: ENDOW

32 Like tournament favorites: TOPSEEDED

34 Ottoman officials: PASHAS

36 Craig role: BOND

38 Medium for da Vinci: OILPAINT

39 Rampaging: ONASPREE

40 Day of resolve: NEWYEARS

42 Magazine renamed Rosie in 2001: MCCALLS

44 One-person boats: SKIFFS

45 "Bewitched" role: ENDORA

46 Worker in a cage: TELLER

48 Useful: OFHELP

52 Nice school: ECOLE

53 Dispirit: UNMAN

55 S&L offering: REFI

59 Fared poorly in the wash: RAN

61 Early August arrival: LEO

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