LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 15 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 15 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Octopus octet: ARMS

5 Pro-__: fundraisers: AMS

8 Looks over quickly: SCANS

13 "Hey, you!": PSST

17 Backyard raft: POOLFLOAT

20 Russian wolfhound: BORZOI

21 Jazz home: UTAH

22 "Just kidding": NOTREALLY

23 On deck: ABOARD

24 Pasta sauce brand: RAGU

25 Pandora genre: EMO

26 Annoyed: NETTLED

28 The Heart of Dixie: Abbr.: ALA

29 They have strings attached: KITES

30 Comparable to a beet: ASRED

32 Gave the once-over: EYED

33 Driver's reservation? TEETIME

35 Run the country: REIGN

37 CDs and LPs: RECS

40 Like two peas in __: APOD

41 Supplied in a comedy skit, as straight lines: FED

44 The Pac-12's Golden Bears: CAL

45 LAX abbr.: ARR

47 Pitch indicator: NOTE

49 Supply with fluid: HYDRATE

51 Safari runners? MACS

52 The puck stops here: GOAL

54 Reasons for missing school: FEVERS

56 Article in Der Spiegel: EINE

57 Pink Floyd label: EMI

58 Iridescent shell lining: NACRE

59 Biceps, for one: FLEXOR

60 Soho stroller: PRAM

61 Perfect __: TENSE

63 "The Piano" actor: KEITEL

65 Like a locked bathroom: INUSE

67 "Mmm, delish!": SOGOOD

69 Japan is in it: FAREAST

71 Fire starters: SPARKS

75 Team up: UNITE

77 Brand for cold sores: ABREVA

79 Carry __: sing on pitch: ATUNE

80 Was visibly moved: WEPT

83 Begin successor: SHAMIR

85 Harry's love: GINNY

87 Negative link: NOR

88 "Dies __": IRAE

89 Tell the teacher: TATTLE

90 Where the Indus flows: ASIA

91 Org. for the Sky, the Stars and the Sun: WNBA

92 Went wild: RANRIOT

94 Sign of approval: SEAL

96 Chum, in Cherbourg: AMI

97 __ Majesty: HIS

98 Pueblo pronoun: ESA

99 -ish, after a number: ORSO

101 Old theaters: RKOS

103 Firing offense? ARSON

105 Big Sky Brewing Company home: MONTANA

108 PC key used in combinations: CTRL

110 Zoo keepers: CAGES

113 Lasting marks: SCARS

115 Bench for a flock: PEW

116 "Casablanca" setting: MOROCCO

118 Kaplan Test Prep focus: Abbr.: GRE

119 "Funny joke!": HAHA

120 Loud insect: CICADA

122 Flat across the pond? APARTMENT

124 44-Down shape: OVAL

125 Classic game consoles: ATARIS

126 "This looks bad for us!": WERETOAST

127 Shelter adoptees: PETS

128 Heat-resistant glass: PYREX

129 Drops at dawn: DEW

130 "Symphony in Black" artist: ERTE


1 Temporary lack of inspiration? APNEA

2 Shangri-La offerings: ROOMS

3 Track activity, to Brits: MOTORRACING

4 35mm camera type: SLR

5 Wings, in zoology: ALAE


7 Like miso, typically: SALTY

8 Cry out loud: SOB

9 Many a University of Zagreb student: CROAT

10 Augusta National shrub: AZALEA

11 "Lucky Guy" was her last play: NORAEPHRON

12 PBS "Science Kid": SID

13 Holiday in the month of Adar: PURIM

14 Minnesota's annual one is held in Falcon Heights: STATEFAIR

15 Guru: SAGE

16 As a result: THUS

18 Luxury handbag: FENDI

19 President between Harrison and Polk: TYLER

20 Spoiled: BAD

27 Adam's garden: EDEN

29 Captain of the Adventure Galley: KIDD

31 Sushi fish: EELS

34 Former FAO Schwarz parent: TOYSRUS

36 Lady of pop: GAGA

38 Time-out at work: COFFEEBREAK

39 Outstanding: STELLAR

42 Sicilian hot spot: ETNA

43 View as: DEEM

44 Engraved jewelry item: CAMEO

46 Perfect game, e.g.: RAREFEAT

48 Adam's love: EVE

50 Run over: REPEAT

51 Team covered at METS

53 Princess with a twin brother: LEIA

55 Permit to leave: EXITVISA

58 Night light: NEON

62 Sotomayor replaced him: SOUTER

64 Mobile home: TRAILER

66 Fix, as a pet: SPAY

68 Twist: DISTORT

70 Genesis creator: SEGA

72 Boston Marathon Expo display: RUNNINGGEAR

73 Drawer openers: KNOBS

74 Toxin fighters: SERA

76 "Tsk tsk": THATSAPITY

78 Pet shelter's concern: ANIMALCARE

80 Finish line: WIRE

81 Mound stats: ERAS

82 Topper made from the jipijapa palm: PANAMAHAT

84 K2 and Hood: Abbr.: MTS

86 Wax Ready-Strips maker: NAIR

91 "Easy there!": WHOA

93 Charged bits: IONS

95 Bonkers: LOCO

100 Garage capacity: ONECAR

102 Juice bar freebie: STRAW

104 "Dilbert" creator Adams: SCOTT

106 Doctoral hurdles: ORALS

107 In the know: AWARE

109 Drew (in): ROPED

111 Max of Dadaism: ERNST

112 Sicilian seven: SETTE

113 Hit the mall: SHOP

114 Way into the mountain: CAVE

116 More, to Miguel: MAS

117 Backstage staff: CREW

120 Limit: CAP

121 Fort in New Jersey: DIX

123 Toon bartender Szyslak: MOE

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