LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 15 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 15 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Largest city in the Bahamas: NASSAU

7 Beauty chain with a salon inside each store: ULTA

11 High-level H.S. classes: APS

14 Takes in or lets out: ALTERS

15 Not at all far: NEAR

16 Milked animal: COW

17 Bedding structure for kids: BLANKETFORT

19 Pirouette pivot point: TOE

20 Approx. takeoff hrs.: ETDS

21 Patronize Airbnb: RENT

22 "Fine with me": SURE

23 Sight organs: EYES

24 Place for people with nothing to hide? NUDISTCAMP

26 Clinton opponent Dole: BOB

27 Fawn's mom: DOE

28 Partner of hearty: HALE

29 Snake with a tight grip: BOA

30 Otherwise: ELSE

32 "It's freezing out here!": BRR

33 Most suburban residences... or, in a military sense, the ends of 17-, 24-, 46- and 55-Across: PRIVATEHOUSES

38 Crime family head: DON

39 Captains' diaries: LOGS

40 Bro, to a sis: SIB

42 Liquor amount downed in a gulp: SHOT

44 Mango leftover: PIT

45 Burst into tears: CRY

46 "Theft" on a diamond: STOLENBASE

50 Bohr or Borge, by birth: DANE

51 Evacuation center beds: COTS

52 Cyprus currency: EURO

53 MIT Chapel designer Saarinen: EERO

54 Tiny crawler: ANT

55 Secretary of Defense, for one: CABINETPOST

58 Floral luau wear: LEI

59 "Sin City" actress Jessica: ALBA

60 Impassive: STOLID

61 Clairvoyant's claim: ESP

62 Genuine: REAL

63 Provides food for, as a party: CATERS


1 Catch: NAB

2 Hoops pass to a high flier: ALLEYOOP

3 Regulatory legal association: STATEBAR

4 Mails: SENDS

5 Torah cabinets: ARKS

6 Take advantage of: USE

7 Like a ravenous cat: UNFED

8 Téa of "Madam Secretary": LEONI

9 Fruit pastries: TARTS

10 Paintings, sculpture, etc.: ART

11 Bona fide: ACTUAL

12 Words of self-pity: POORME

13 Win every game: SWEEP

18 Most sincere: TRUEST

22 Accident mementos: SCARS

23 Flow back: EBB

24 Ryan with seven no-hitters: NOLAN

25 Rocket booster's push: THRUST

27 Dedicate, as time: DEVOTE

31 Snakelike fish: EEL

32 Bacall's love, familiarly: BOGIE

34 Objects of adulation: IDOLS

35 Boards, as a bus: HOPSON

36 Leafy salad green: ESCAROLE

37 Emphatic military denial: SIRNOSIR

41 ''Till next time'': BYE

42 "Sticks and __ may break ... ": STONES

43 Inside track info: HOTTIP

46 Deli counter weighing device: SCALE

47 Writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

48 Forrest's shrimp-loving friend: BUBBA

49 Sans-serif font: ARIAL

50 Train station: DEPOT

53 Jazz singer Jones: ETTA

55 Compact __: CAR

56 PC key to the left of F1: ESC

57 NFL scores: TDS

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