LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 15 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 15 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bloke: CHAP

5 Tie, in chess: DRAW

9 Rival of Elle: VOGUE

14 Punjabi prince: RAJA

15 Personal energy field, some say: AURA

16 Black key wood, traditionally: EBONY

17 Banned apple spray: ALAR

18 Electric fan noise: WHIR

19 Fix, as a loose shoelace knot: RETIE

20 "Hell's Kitchen" chef: GORDONRAMSAY

23 Special or covert strategies: OPS

24 Trucker's unit: TON

25 Owns: HAS

28 Lorelei's river: RHINE

31 Risky low-lying area to build on: FLOODZONE

34 Long, long time: EON

35 Post-WWI art movement: DADA

37 Affixed with a hammer: NAILED

38 Unknown Doe: JOHN

40 "Gymnopédies" composer: SATIE

42 High-grade cotton: PIMA

43 Barely make, as a living: EKEOUT

45 Boots the ball: ERRS

47 Serious no-no: SIN

48 Not someone an amateur should play poker with: CARDSHARK

50 Adidas alternatives: PUMAS

52 Everyday article: THE

53 Second-tallest living bird: EMU

54 Burger holder: BUN

55 Narrative device that peeks at the future ... and a hint to the start of 20-, 31-, and 48-Across: FLASHFORWARD

61 Camper's craft: CANOE

64 "English breakfast" drinks: TEAS

65 Bear's warning: ROAR

66 Assumed name: ALIAS

67 Colored eye part: IRIS

68 Prefix for objectors: ANTI

69 Where to get dates: PALMS

70 __ a one: none: NARY

71 Barely a sound: PEEP


1 Rugged cliff: CRAG

2 Angelic ring: HALO

3 Cracked open, say: AJAR

4 Formal forgiveness: PARDON

5 Occurs to, with "on": DAWNS

6 German coal valley: RUHR

7 La Scala number: ARIA

8 Become fond of: WARMTO

9 Porch with a roof, usually: VERANDA

10 Give heed to: OBEY

11 Obtained: GOT

12 Institute of higher learning, to Brits: UNI

13 Look at intently: EYE

21 Opinion piece: OPED

22 Oklahoma athlete: SOONER

25 "Total patient" philosophy: HOLISM

26 Low-hemoglobin condition: ANEMIA

27 Many taxis: SEDANS

28 Not accept: REJECT

29 Pipe smoked in trendy bars: HOOKAH

30 "Where are you?" response from a nearby room: INHERE

31 Govt. regulator of dietary supplements: FDA

32 "I don't have time right now": LATER

33 Nada: ZIP

36 Inhaler user's malady: ASTHMA

39 Nonverbal okay: NOD

41 Really bug: IRK

44 Having no purpose: USELESS

46 Cowboy boot attachment: SPUR

49 "Keep __ Weird": Texas city slogan: AUSTIN

51 Open for Christmas: UNWRAP

54 Everycow: BOSSY

55 Whitecap formation: FOAM

56 Olympian queen: HERA

57 Okay, but not great: FAIR

58 Great: AONE

59 Part of APR: RATE

60 Plumbing problem: DRIP

61 Upper limit: CAP

62 Phrase on a menu: ALA

63 Nada: NIL

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