LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 September 2018

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Los Angeles Times 15 September 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 15 September 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ones going downhill fast: SKIJUMPERS

11 Opulent: LUSH

15 They always get underfoot: INNERSOLES

16 Biblical preposition: UNTO

17 Pop music feature: TOPTENLIST

18 Wolverine, for one: XMAN

19 "Westworld" airer: HBO

20 '70s-'80s self-improvement course: EST

21 Notre Dame's river: SEINE

22 Legendary chanteuse: PIAF

26 Max.: ULT

28 Equivalents of pairs of FGs: TDS

29 Somewhat out of place, as hair: MUSSED

31 __ dish: PETRI

33 Type of medicine: HOLISTIC

35 1969 retail clothing debut: THEGAP

38 Second film with Craig as Bond: QUANTUMOFSOLACE

40 "Counting Sheep" purchases: SERTAS

41 Monthly reading: GASMETER

42 Pampers, with "on": DOTES

44 More stingy: MEANER

45 "Avatar" actress Saldana: ZOE

47 Attorney's letters: ESQ

48 Origin abbr.: ESTD

49 Pointed: AIMED

51 Small city? URB

54 Base figs.: GIS

57 Scheme: PLAN

58 Left in the dust: SAILEDPAST

62 Hang: PEND

63 Shoe with a rope sole: ESPADRILLE

64 Contributes: ADDS

65 Film with cues: THEHUSTLER


1 Jedi foes: SITH

2 Round handle: KNOB


4 Fly quickly: JET

5 Midge __, co-organizer of the Live Aid benefit concert: URE

6 AOL alternative: MSN

7 German's neighbor: POLE

8 "__ Comin'": Laura Nyro song: ELIS

9 Gather one's strength: RESTUP

10 Retired flier: SST

11 Opulent: LUXE


13 Orchestra pit aid: STAND

14 Brushes up on: HONES

21 Westernmost of the Virgin Islands: STTHOMAS

23 Digs: ISINTO

24 Per prior mention: ASSTATED

25 Some ultrasound images: FETUSES

27 "Well, as I recall ... ": LETSSEE

29 Grimace: MOUE

30 Skeptical, as a view: DIM

32 Cave: RELENT

33 Command ctrs.: HQS

34 Small part: COG

36 Maker of Swift laptops: ACER

37 Each: PER

39 Sibs, uncs, etc.: FAM

43 Suppress: SQUASH

45 1997 Grammy Lifetime Achievement awardee: ZAPPA

46 Quieted, in a way: OILED

50 Closes: ENDS

52 Fit for harvesting: RIPE

53 Boring: BLAH

55 21-Down, e.g.: ISLE

56 End of a mob? STER

58 Full collection: SET

59 Loyola domain: EDU

60 OR principals: DRS

61 Peril in a Poe title: PIT

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