LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 15 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 15 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wine, with "the": GRAPE

6 Athletic gripper: CLEAT

11 5 mL, in some recipes: TSP

14 Big state: TEXAS

15 Believer in karma: HINDU

16 Order from a stool, maybe: IPA

17 Delighted: OVERTHEMOON

19 Cartoon collectible: CEL

20 Back-combs: TEASES

21 __ sock: ANKLE

23 Last one in, competitively: SLOWEST

26 Folklore cave dwellers: TROLLS

27 Jipijapa hat, familiarly: PANAMA

28 Call it a day: GOHOME

30 Stephen Hawking's journalist daughter: LUCY

31 Mouth-watering reaction? DROOL

32 Forest female: DOE

35 Not online, briefly: IRL

36 Delighted: GLEEFUL

38 Bit of wordplay: PUN

39 Eastern principle: TAO

40 Theater parts: ROLES

41 Listen to: MIND

42 Log-in need: USERID

44 The "P" in TAFKAP: PRINCE

46 "No doubt": INDEED

48 Kept from leaking, in a way: CAULKED

49 Spun flax fabric: LINEN

50 Sear and simmer: BRAISE

52 "__ dreaming?": AMI

53 Delighted: BEYONDHAPPY

58 Prefix with dairy or fat: NON

59 Math calculations: AREAS

60 Mild oath: EGADS

61 "Affirmative, cap'n": AYE

62 Like survey questions with two boxes: YESNO

63 Stick-on decoration: DECAL


1 Trailblazer in the muscle car category: GTO

2 Gun for a race: REV

3 Tool that's swung: AXE

4 At some point during a trip, say: PARTWAY

5 Great regard: ESTEEM

6 Storage furniture: CHEST

7 Margarita garnish: LIME

8 Ten-time all-star Slaughter: ENOS

9 It may be about nothing: ADO

10 Sushi choice: TUNAROLL

11 Delighted: TICKLEDPINK

12 Be in a bee: SPELL

13 Doesn't measure up: PALES

18 "It __ familiar ring to it": HASA

22 Word on a French passport: NOM

23 Took off: SPLIT

24 Dern or Linney: LAURA

25 Delighted: ONCLOUDNINE

26 Bank heist unit: THOU

28 One of the deadly sins: GREED

29 Comics punch lines? OOFS

31 Sandwich seller: DELI

33 Unit of perfume: OUNCE

34 Wrapped up: ENDED

36 Packers home: GREENBAY

37 Voldemort's title: LORD

41 It's unlimited with some rentals: MILEAGE

43 Take in: SEE

44 Forked over: PAID

45 Didn't dawdle: RUSHED

46 Comedian Glazer: ILANA

47 Longtime Shatner co-star: NIMOY

48 Affirmative playground retort: CANSO

50 Tourney passes: BYES

51 Horse of a certain color: ROAN

54 Old-timey "before": ERE

55 Ms. __-Man: PAC

56 Acronym for unabashed intimacy: PDA

57 DKNY competitor: YSL

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