LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 16 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "The Big Bang Theory" network: CBS

4 Uncertain: IFFY

8 Peek at someone else's test answers, say: CHEAT

13 River to the Caspian: URAL

15 Where to find a hero: DELI

16 Rental document: LEASE

17 Opera songs for one: SOLI

18 Part of: INON

19 Ready for action: EAGER

20 Farewell performance: SWANSONG

22 Award-winning sci-fi author __ Ellison: HARLAN

23 Chess match finale: ENDGAME

24 Summer camp craft: CANOE

25 Neuter: DESEX

26 Squinter's wrinkles: CROWSFEET

30 Done with employment: Abbr.: RET

32 Cathedral recess: APSE

33 Go off course: YAW

34 Lively Irish dances: JIGS

37 "Steppenwolf" writer Hermann: HESSE

39 Lyre-playing emperor: NERO

40 "Much __ About Nothing": ADO

41 Broadway partner of Rodgers: HART

42 Reuben bread: RYE

44 Hidden danger: BOOBYTRAP

47 Honey-colored: AMBER

51 Big rigs: SEMIS

52 Track's inside track: LANEONE

54 Songs of praise: PAEANS

56 Easy-peasy task: DUCKSOUP

57 Sports stadium: ARENA

58 Jellystone Park bear: YOGI

59 Actor Miller of "Justice League": EZRA

60 Watchful period: VIGIL

61 Keen: AVID

62 Sets eyes on: SEES

63 Lawn-trimming targets: EDGES

64 Ballpoints: PENS

65 Banned insecticide: DDT


1 Used "colorful" language: CUSSED

2 "Doctor My Eyes" singer Jackson __: BROWNE

3 Light lunches: SALADS

4 Strong suit or weak sauce: IDIOM

5 African desert fox: FENNEC

6 Criticize harshly: FLOG

7 Yang complement: YIN

8 Purify: CLEANSE

9 Find out about: HEAROF

10 Keen-sighted sort: EAGLEEYE

11 Between ports: ASEA

12 Seagull kin: TERN

14 Won't go away, as an odor: LINGERS

21 __-Coburg: former Bavarian duchy: SAXE

22 Mooring rope: HAWSER

24 Foes of robbers: COPS

27 Many a reggae artist: RASTA

28 Corn serving: EAR

29 Romantic dinner complement: TWO

31 "To clarify ... ": THATIS

34 Quick punch: JAB

35 Swearing-in words: IDO

36 Big fat zero: GOOSEEGG

38 Drops the ball: ERRS

39 Formidable opponents: NEMESES

41 Church books with many notes: HYMNALS

43 Sudden pull: YANK

45 Small skullcap: BEANIE

46 Connect to an outlet: PLUGIN

48 Drank to excess: BOOZED

49 Hardened (to): ENURED

50 Dinner, say: REPAST

53 Corrosive compounds: ACIDS

54 Cover with asphalt: PAVE

55 Like the Mojave: ARID

56 Jackknifed into the pool, say: DOVE

58 Chatter: YAP

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