LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Annie Lennox, e.g.: SCOT

5 Phishing, say: SCAM

9 Start of many a "Jeopardy!" answer: WHO

12 College fund-raising targets: ALUMS

14 Flag bearer: POLE

15 Crack from the wind, perhaps: CHAP

16 Cycling route for Broom Hilda? WITCHTRAIL

18 Instrument featured in "Waltz of the Flowers": HARP

19 Old DJ's array: LPS

20 Taper off: ABATE

21 One-up: OUTDO

22 Bread grain: OAT

23 Romantic locales for Miss Piggy? DATINGSTIES

25 Maker of a fine cheddar? GRATER

27 Result of a missed deadline, maybe: LATEFEE

28 Eye affliction: STYE

29 Sheer linen fabric: TOILE

31 Pre-1991 map letters: SSR

32 Place to harvest your deepest secrets? DIARYFARM

36 Part of a Braille character: DOT

39 Like many dad jokes: STALE

40 Italian wine hub: ASTI

44 Logically flawed: INVALID

46 Hit, as the gas: STEPON

48 Equipment for identifying genuine island wreaths? LEIDETECTOR

51 Dungeons & Dragons genre, briefly: RPG

52 Hungarian mathematician Paul: ERDOS

53 Frodo's home, with "the": SHIRE

54 Wine statistic: AGE

55 Baskerville Hall setting: MOOR

56 Sign of deceit, and a phonetic hint to four puzzle answers: SHIFTYEYES

58 Beast of burden: MULE

59 Massage deeply: ROLF

60 Workout output: SWEAT

61 Beast of burden: ASS

62 Needs to settle: OWES

63 Drops the ball: ERRS


1 Snooze loudly: SAWLOGS

2 Some website images: CLIPART

3 Linger longer than, as a welcome: OUTSTAY

4 Film buff's choice: TMC

5 Jack in a rhyme: SPRAT

6 Kinkajou cousin: COATI

7 Sci-fi subject: ALIENLIFE

8 First name of two Spice Girls: MEL

9 Hypotheticals: WHATIFS

10 Monster Angus Thickburger seller: HARDEES

11 Adversary: OPPOSER

13 Protect from light: SHADE

15 Certain jumper's need: CHUTE

17 Way up the slope: TBAR

21 KitchenAid competitor: OSTER

24 Apple variety: GALA

26 Rocker Nugent: TED

29 Convention center attraction: TRADESHOW

30 Olive __: OYL

33 British __: ISLES

34 Fighting: ATIT

35 Astronaut Jemison: MAE

36 Word from the Greek for "two assumptions": DILEMMA

37 Oppressive: ONEROUS

38 Tube tops? TVIDOLS

41 Device that delivers a coat: SPRAYER

42 Fifth, often, for a manual transmission: TOPGEAR

43 Downs: INGESTS

45 Cherish: ADORE

46 Type: SORT

47 Part of a full house, maybe: TREYS

49 Easter Island's country: CHILE

50 Little disputes: TIFFS

56 Box office sign: SRO

57 Female in a field: EWE

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